Position Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Catchers Arso Celadriendil Tied for 14th Glubdush Starslobberer 16th 18th
First Basemen Gaya Holgate 4th Gaya Holgate 2nd 2nd
Second Basemen Wilibald Aeon Tied for 5th Wilibald Aeon 16th 16th
Third Basemen Candra Durazo Tied for 11th Candra Durazo Tied for 8th Tied for 8th
Shortstops Carambo Titsworth 3rd Carambo Titsworth Tied for 2nd 3rd
Left Fielders Gorek Leransson Tied for 10th Gorek Leransson Tied for 11th Tied for 13th
Center Fielders Obiniana Badgermangler Tied for 4th Obiniana Badgermangler Tied for 3rd Tied for 5th
Right Fielders Motoyasu bin Shafeeq Tied for 9th Brundug Fingertorturer Tied for 1st Tied for 6th
Starting Pitchers Arabella Budo-Chubb 2nd Moneim Dayot 1st 1st
Relievers Tibur Chourio Tied for 1st Gjelt the Malicious 2nd 2nd
Closers Tibur Chourio Tied for 1st Gjelt the Malicious 4th 4th
Thursday, April 15th, 2021 - OOTP Baseball 22.2 Build 39