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PlayerNicknamePosFromToOOTP Link
Rak OC20242028OOTP Page
Davidoff O'BradySP20332033OOTP Page
William O'ConnorSlick WillySP20082021OOTP Page
Truls O'Donovan+MR20412042OOTP Page
Anandam O'Farrelly+MR20422042OOTP Page
Tuurk O'Foley+C20392042OOTP Page
Darwood O'Hagerty+C20412042OOTP Page
Tae-ho O'Hickey+MR20392042OOTP Page
Teijo O'Mullen+LF20402042OOTP Page
Simão O'Mullery+MusclesSP20392042OOTP Page
Aurel Oa+1B20322042OOTP Page
Allyson OakeSP20272027OOTP Page
Mumli Oakenarmour+MR20332042OOTP Page
Tesin OakenarmourCL20202022OOTP Page
Wol Oakenarmour+MR20352036OOTP Page
Bafur Oakenshield+MR20392042OOTP Page
Bosur Oakenshield3B20202027OOTP Page
Lar OakenshieldBig OakC20042014OOTP Page
Telor Oakenshield Jr.LF20322034OOTP Page
Palin OakenslayerTigerSS20082026OOTP Page
Thrain OakenslayerMR20272036OOTP Page
Georg Oakes+C20322042OOTP Page
Lignar OathbackCL20092020OOTP Page
Libur OathbaneBurro2B20122015OOTP Page
Lignar Oathbane3B20092016OOTP Page
Roilin OathbaneCussSP20162023OOTP Page
Sokollu Oathbane+2B20392042OOTP Page
Bombur OathbearerMR20182022OOTP Page
Gorolbo Oathbearer+LF20382041OOTP Page
Linus OathbinderMR20032007OOTP Page
Elanor OathbreakerMR20162020OOTP Page
Fomli OathbreakerCF20172017OOTP Page
Kinar OathcrusherMR20222028OOTP Page
Mumli Oathcrusher3B20202020OOTP Page
Rali Oathcrusher1B20282028OOTP Page
Lobur OathdelverOliphauntC20062014OOTP Page
Musin Oathdelver+LF20322034OOTP Page
Griswold Oathkiller+LF20292036OOTP Page
Kelir Oathkiller+MR20322035OOTP Page
Lofur OathkillerRF20032010OOTP Page
Mogan OathkillerMR20322033OOTP Page
Paurk OathkillerSP20182019OOTP Page
Sulamita Oathkiller+1B20392041OOTP Page
Volin Oathkiller+2B20352042OOTP Page
Firin Oathmaker3B20162025OOTP Page
Logan OathmakerSP20042004OOTP Page
Rabur OathmakerLF20212021OOTP Page
Rabur OathmakerMR20172028OOTP Page
Rasin OathmakerSP20152024OOTP Page
Rufur OathmakerMR20132017OOTP Page
Elphrinkad OathmoverLF20232025OOTP Page
Nunus OathrenderCF20262038OOTP Page
Resil OathrenderSP20172032OOTP Page
Loinar OathsmelterOatsCF20032007OOTP Page
Nim OathsmelterRF20212026OOTP Page
Lonus OathsnapperLooseyC20032004OOTP Page
Valin OathsnapperQueenieMR20352038OOTP Page
Wilibald OathsnapperMR20132023OOTP Page
Losur OathsplitterMR20082013OOTP Page
Tusil Oathsplitter1B20222035OOTP Page
Goli OathworkerMR20192025OOTP Page
Masin OathworkerTallLF20122016OOTP Page
Meli OathworkerRF20322035OOTP Page
Smillob Oathworker1B20282036OOTP Page
Michael ObyrneSP20042004OOTP Page
Bodash Ocerin3B20262027OOTP Page
Marlon OchsMR20082009OOTP Page
William OconnorSP20082012OOTP Page
Nieno Odling+C20392041OOTP Page
Nienna of DorthonionDuchess3B20112022OOTP Page
Oenel of DorthonionBadger2B20352038OOTP Page
Kayt of East GondorSP20242025OOTP Page
Idris of East Greenway+K9RF20362036OOTP Page
Rhod of ErSS20192026OOTP Page
Glomli of EreborCF20132030OOTP Page
Jessie of Erebor+2B20362042OOTP Page
Audai of Eregion+2B20422042OOTP Page
Haleaman of EregionCF20252038OOTP Page
Vicente of EregionRanger of the NorthMR20222028OOTP Page
Gregorius of GallifreyMR20242030OOTP Page
Romanadvoratrelundar of GallifreyRomanaC20242027OOTP Page
Scott of GondorMR20292036OOTP Page
Harolde of HaradC20132017OOTP Page
Kiruk of Khand2B20062015OOTP Page
Foli of Khazad-dumLF20082019OOTP Page
Nee of Lake TownLF20282033OOTP Page
Nimue Of LebenninBlanksC20372037OOTP Page
Proruk Of Lebennin+SP20392041OOTP Page
Smiahir of LebenninMR20322033OOTP Page
Galuhir of Lorien+LF20252040OOTP Page
Lungwen of LorienSP20262030OOTP Page
Girith of Mirkwood+MR20322034OOTP Page
Splin of Mirkwood+HeroSP20372042OOTP Page
Lonar of MoriaMR20062016OOTP Page
Nicholas of MuckfallsRF20262026OOTP Page
Busin of NumenorMR20202032OOTP Page
Rak of Rhun2B20092017OOTP Page
Marc of RiddermarkLF20092013OOTP Page
Brandewyn of Rohan3B20132026OOTP Page
Ruwon of RomulusMR20242033OOTP Page
Left Ear of SauronVincentCF20122021OOTP Page
Nose of SauronSchnozzRF20082018OOTP Page
Nerog of Talok IIICL20332035OOTP Page
Elegrina of the Forest3B20262039OOTP Page
Owonnyn of the HildorMR20292036OOTP Page
Soth of the Lone LandsC20302030OOTP Page
Careryn of the Men of OldCF20252035OOTP Page
Glullyn of the Oghor-haiMR20302033OOTP Page
Imrauwyn of the White TreeSP20272030OOTP Page
Daeron of ValinorMR20162017OOTP Page
Griprak of Valinor1B20282029OOTP Page
Sige of WarbrookMR20282028OOTP Page
Valerio of WawC20172017OOTP Page
Bolgag Ogredragger+MR20382042OOTP Page
Erudak OgredraggerRF20262033OOTP Page
Hifur Ogredragger+3B20292042OOTP Page
Noshnak OgredraggerLF20212021OOTP Page
Kegan OgrehammerLF20132022OOTP Page
Tuudrak OgrepokerMR20032006OOTP Page
Ghudkuh Ogreprodder+SP20372038OOTP Page
Maughash OgreprodderRF20312034OOTP Page
Sruulak Ogreprodder1B20252025OOTP Page
Tuugash OgreprodderC20082016OOTP Page
Vrugar OgreprodderMR20222025OOTP Page
Tuurbag OgrepunisherSS20032006OOTP Page
Bawb OgreripperCF20372037OOTP Page
Bofur Ogrestomper+2B20312042OOTP Page
Lisin Ogrestomper1B20182018OOTP Page
Vadush OgrestomperRF20072019OOTP Page
Ulysse Ohman+3B20392039OOTP Page
Selam Olazbal+2B20362038OOTP Page
Cuurt Olesen+MR20412042OOTP Page
Alex OlivaMR20032003OOTP Page
Galeadoc Olyrnn+SP20402041OOTP Page
Eldrin Ongluth+ToastMR20372038OOTP Page
Nogburz Oramos+1B20422042OOTP Page
Finus Orc-deathMR20102021OOTP Page
Lugnar Orcback1B20032003OOTP Page
Lugnar OrcbackLunaCF20032007OOTP Page
Verin OrccrusherMR20162018OOTP Page
Besil OrcdelverSP20312035OOTP Page
Mefur Orcdelver3B20072019OOTP Page
Tiran Orcdelver+2B20322042OOTP Page
Bombur OrcheadSS20302034OOTP Page
Mefur OrcheadLF20092017OOTP Page
Noimli OrcheadCF20302031OOTP Page
Mefur OrckillerTwinkletoesSS20052014OOTP Page
Neli OrckillerMR20322038OOTP Page
Waldur Orckiller2B20232026OOTP Page
Bubmag Orcmaker+MR20392041OOTP Page
Huugdish OrcmakerLF20182020OOTP Page
Maurarz OrcmakerLF20192022OOTP Page
Meli OrcmakerCL20042007OOTP Page
Pork OrcmakerCF20242025OOTP Page
Foignar OrcmasherC20332040OOTP Page
Furan Orcmasher+2B20362042OOTP Page
Meli OrcmasherCF20062006OOTP Page
Rignar OrcmasherMR20242024OOTP Page
Gliran OrcslayerSP20272039OOTP Page
Bawb Orcsmith+CrazySS20372042OOTP Page
Lilok Orcsmith3B20212022OOTP Page
Migan OrcsmithMR20222033OOTP Page
Nirbag Orcsmith+1B20362041OOTP Page
Puuggek Orcsmith3B20192030OOTP Page
Roignar OrcsmithCF20172020OOTP Page
Vrsal OrcsmithMR20222038OOTP Page
Kirin OrctearerLF20332036OOTP Page
Logan OrctearerSP20262035OOTP Page
Mili OrctearerVanilliMR20042008OOTP Page
Minus Orctearer1B20032003OOTP Page
Fral OrcteethCF20282038OOTP Page
Varin OrcteethMR20082019OOTP Page
Niggek OrctwisterMR20252030OOTP Page
Volin Orcworker+LF20292042OOTP Page
Gloilin OrebackSP20232033OOTP Page
Nicholas OrebackC20162022OOTP Page
Voilin OrebackMR20252025OOTP Page
Foimli Orebearer1B20142014OOTP Page
Hisin OrebearerMR20312036OOTP Page
Misil OrebearerSP20072018OOTP Page
Nesil OrebearerRaptorSP20212034OOTP Page
Misur OrebenderMR20032005OOTP Page
Foimli Orebinder2B20232024OOTP Page
Gorolbo OrebinderSP20322033OOTP Page
Gufur OrebinderC20292029OOTP Page
Fesur OrebiterCF20132016OOTP Page
Fisil OrebiterSS20222030OOTP Page
Mefur OrebiterRF20182027OOTP Page
Gloisil OrebreakerRF20222035OOTP Page
Moignar OrebreakerMongooseSP20032007OOTP Page
Moisil OrebreakerRF20252033OOTP Page
Mugnar OrebreakerMR20222022OOTP Page
Voili OrebreakerSP20212039OOTP Page
Garin Orecrusher3B20252026OOTP Page
Moisil OrecrusherMosesMR20032011OOTP Page
Besin Orecutter1B20132020OOTP Page
Kelir OrecutterC20142019OOTP Page
Nusin OreheadMR20132023OOTP Page
Monar OremasherSP20052011OOTP Page
Vasil OremasherCF20132013OOTP Page
+ = active player
Bold = Hall of Famer
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