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PlayerNicknamePosFromToOOTP Link
Glegnar TaMR20262026OOTP Page
Mak'Vok Ta'QuanDoodlesCL20242032OOTP Page
Tigoja TadrielMR20032006OOTP Page
Tigra Tadrielad3B20032006OOTP Page
Tigseen TadriendirTriggerMR20032010OOTP Page
Ko-Rei Takamasa1B20042004OOTP Page
Tigseen TalSP20042007OOTP Page
Deacon TalbotRF20272028OOTP Page
Oltina TalesspurC20362038OOTP Page
Elrilwyn Tanagathor+MR20392040OOTP Page
Arwowyn TandirRF20222031OOTP Page
Elrialob TandirCF20222025OOTP Page
Goreathor TandirC20182022OOTP Page
Tavseen Tandir+MR20352041OOTP Page
Bertel TanodMR20282032OOTP Page
Ardador TaralomCF20292033OOTP Page
Lula TaralomLittle Lula2B20112023OOTP Page
Rufus Taralom+RiotMR20402041OOTP Page
Valandil TaralomLF20102011OOTP Page
Eiamir Tarsis+SP20362041OOTP Page
Médéric Tavoularis+RF20412041OOTP Page
Jeffery TaylorCF20052005OOTP Page
Robert Taylor1B20052009OOTP Page
Wallace TaylorSP20032004OOTP Page
Glelin Táng+CF20352041OOTP Page
Tigzava TángMR20032008OOTP Page
Tigtai TämirOrc TannerMR20072014OOTP Page
Melvin Tändel+MR20382041OOTP Page
Tigthor TändelTigger3B20032006OOTP Page
Arturo Teall+MR20402041OOTP Page
Vamsh Tearjerker+CL20362041OOTP Page
Ullla TebrilithSP20032005OOTP Page
Arwuwyn Tebrimir+MR20362041OOTP Page
Lenwe TebrimirCL20202023OOTP Page
Ariel Tello2B20052005OOTP Page
Kenneth TemirMR20262033OOTP Page
Ulor TemirPopcornSP20032016OOTP Page
Begrin TendertushCF20342035OOTP Page
Berliac TendertushMR20212029OOTP Page
Bodo TendertushMR20192030OOTP Page
Ferdibrand TendertushRF20262029OOTP Page
Irene TendertushRF20362040OOTP Page
James Tendertush+Wise3B20342041OOTP Page
Milo Tendertush2B20322038OOTP Page
Minta TendertushSP20222025OOTP Page
Nick TendertushMR20172029OOTP Page
Otho Tendertush+PunkC20402041OOTP Page
Petunia TendertushSMR20262036OOTP Page
Tanta Tendertush3B20172022OOTP Page
Daisy Tendulkar+RedMR20402041OOTP Page
Emmanuel TetsuyaRF20272035OOTP Page
Nrodarag Tetsuya+LF20332040OOTP Page
Ultok Teviel1B20032010OOTP Page
Aarto Thadigiri+1B20402041OOTP Page
Ishukh the AbominableRF20032010OOTP Page
Sniktakh the Abominable1B20102011OOTP Page
Kendur The AmputeeSP20062006OOTP Page
Istvan the ArcherMR20102024OOTP Page
Chester The Atrocious+SP20372041OOTP Page
Durblakh The AtrociousMR20072009OOTP Page
Huurg the Atrocious1B20162025OOTP Page
Nugrub the Atrocious+3B20362037OOTP Page
Ruzrat the Atrocious+CL20342041OOTP Page
Sruuurk the Atrocious1B20182019OOTP Page
Surin the AtrociousCF20392039OOTP Page
Harolde the BardBlue EyesSP20102019OOTP Page
Grurbag the BasherSP20232024OOTP Page
Gruulak the BasherSP20332035OOTP Page
Ishukh the BasherC20212022OOTP Page
Ishwush the BasherSP20112024OOTP Page
Nazbog the Basher+LF20352038OOTP Page
Olburz the BasherMR20312031OOTP Page
Ruzdreg the Basher1B20052015OOTP Page
Will the Basket WeaverSP20332033OOTP Page
Ricky the BrownMR20092014OOTP Page
Zagbog the Burner3B20152015OOTP Page
Dwain the CentaurMR20272032OOTP Page
Blaennyn the Changed ManLF20372038OOTP Page
Biggles the Channel SurferSP20322033OOTP Page
Antony the Charitable+RF20402041OOTP Page
Lintegurth the ChasedMR20272032OOTP Page
Ag the ClutcherSP20202020OOTP Page
Grishburz the ClutcherMR20282035OOTP Page
Hudash the ClutcherSP20242025OOTP Page
Kirg the ClutcherRF20362040OOTP Page
Livki The Clutcher+C20342037OOTP Page
Sool the ClutcherCF20222028OOTP Page
Vrsong the ClutcherMR20222025OOTP Page
Frilma the Cougar+LF20292031OOTP Page
Pruruk the Cow-catcherMR20272027OOTP Page
Eralak the CrazySP20282034OOTP Page
Gabghash the CrazyGashLF20042017OOTP Page
Gakak the Crazy1B20332033OOTP Page
Kubmak the Crazy+1B20392040OOTP Page
Nogzub the Crazy+3B20412041OOTP Page
Skaiuk the CrazySP20092024OOTP Page
Udhagh the Crazy Bastard+C20412041OOTP Page
Cuurag the CripplerC20342034OOTP Page
Kashnak the CripplerMR20322032OOTP Page
Wurrat the CripplerLF20062014OOTP Page
Wuurg the CripplerMR20212032OOTP Page
Uinen the CruelSP20092018OOTP Page
Por the Crusher+SP20372041OOTP Page
Baldrick the CunningTurnipSP20072018OOTP Page
Celeb The Cunning+C20322041OOTP Page
Bazwush the DaftC20302036OOTP Page
Fragar the Daft+MR20262041OOTP Page
Grink the DaftSS20112012OOTP Page
Nalok the Daft1B20202021OOTP Page
Progdish the DaftC20342039OOTP Page
Crispus the Dapper+VirusMR20372041OOTP Page
Grego the Dead+MR20372039OOTP Page
Vadak the Deatheater3B20342040OOTP Page
Nisin the DeathlessC20092018OOTP Page
Kendur the Devastator2B20192027OOTP Page
Kurt the DevastatorGrasshopperMR20332040OOTP Page
Pruugush the DevastatorSS20232029OOTP Page
Shaglakh the DevastatorFoxRF20052023OOTP Page
Vruudish the DevastatorSP20192032OOTP Page
Russell the DevilSP20352036OOTP Page
Nerog the Disreputable+MR20382040OOTP Page
Smidoc the DisreputableCF20202025OOTP Page
Walter the DisreputableMR20192023OOTP Page
Wukor the DisreputableMR20212031OOTP Page
L. R. the DisrespectfulRF20362036OOTP Page
Lenny the Dork2B20222023OOTP Page
Gomsh the DroolerRF20172021OOTP Page
Grurk the Drooler+ShiftyLF20362041OOTP Page
Nalok the DroolerDripSP20212035OOTP Page
Skradreg the Drooler2B20062016OOTP Page
Tarbag the DroolerBloodstainedSP20302038OOTP Page
Wonai the Drooler3B20242033OOTP Page
Gonzalo the DwarfC20372037OOTP Page
Moraigol the Elder+Daddy OLF20252033OOTP Page
Rodney the Eleventh WarriorMR20322039OOTP Page
Srurt the EndlessCF20212025OOTP Page
Sauron the EvilLil Evil EyeMR20082024OOTP Page
Cele the Evil Jr.SP20282040OOTP Page
Sauron The Evil/ Jr.Lil Evil EyeMR20092012OOTP Page
Fruhil the Explorer+AdoraCL20332041OOTP Page
Dudrak the FangedC20292033OOTP Page
Braddock the FellSpike3B20052020OOTP Page
Eladio the Fell+2B20342041OOTP Page
Leg the FirstC20222024OOTP Page
Grunthos the FlatulentZephyrRF20072021OOTP Page
Friagol the Fruity+C20352041OOTP Page
Celebor the GarolousMR20372037OOTP Page
Grort the Goblin KillerSP20252036OOTP Page
Gord the Good1B20102019OOTP Page
Paul the Gru+SP20352041OOTP Page
Lacey the Grump+MR20332035OOTP Page
Bagdreg the HatedSP20032019OOTP Page
Duurg the HatedSS20252037OOTP Page
Lidish the HatedC20302030OOTP Page
Noisil the HatedMR20242024OOTP Page
Tadzog the Hated+MR20392040OOTP Page
Gidak the HorribleMR20212021OOTP Page
Giol the Horrible3B20212027OOTP Page
Nazbog the Horrible2B20032009OOTP Page
Wiseman the Incredible+SP20412041OOTP Page
Meraulbo the Indefatiguable+MR20382041OOTP Page
Curtis the Indefensible+2B20362041OOTP Page
Nirt the IndefensibleLF20282031OOTP Page
Gilberto the IndependentCF20372039OOTP Page
Po the IndependentLF20232034OOTP Page
Bubgagh the Insane+C20412041OOTP Page
Cugdush the Insane3B20182028OOTP Page
Grikak the Insane+CF20352041OOTP Page
Grimag the InsaneMR20082023OOTP Page
Grulo the Insane+LF20362041OOTP Page
Haran the InsaneC20222032OOTP Page
Sady the InsaneSP20042011OOTP Page
Wong the InsaneCF20272034OOTP Page
Davidoff the Insider+RF20392040OOTP Page
Nrodar the Iron Fist+StonewallSP20372041OOTP Page
Shara the Iron FistSP20282030OOTP Page
Gamaugrin the Iron FistedSP20282031OOTP Page
Galiamir the Iron Giant+2B20302041OOTP Page
Phaibis the Iron Monger+Provider of CarrionSP20342041OOTP Page
Rogash the Iron Monger+SP20362041OOTP Page
Krodish the IrritableMR20252034OOTP Page
Morilmir the JerkC20212023OOTP Page
Navin the JerkPig EyeC20092009OOTP Page
Makk the KnifeSharkSP20102025OOTP Page
Joseph the Lawyer+LF20352041OOTP Page
Cagdish the Malicious2B20392040OOTP Page
Gigdish the MaliciousCF20312034OOTP Page
Ishukh the MaliciousC20202023OOTP Page
Maurarz the MaliciousMR20172019OOTP Page
Mortak the MaliciousC20102010OOTP Page
Ruzrat the MaliciousSugar BearLF20082020OOTP Page
Wuunak the MaliciousMR20332034OOTP Page
Gridish the ManglerMR20272028OOTP Page
Kayt the ManservantBobLF20112016OOTP Page
Ghash the MasherLF20252025OOTP Page
Gromwakh the MasherMashSP20072015OOTP Page
Noshnak the MasherLF20202021OOTP Page
Vridash the Masher+Dump TruckLF20372037OOTP Page
Gollim the MassiveCF20302033OOTP Page
Stan The Massive+MR20352041OOTP Page
+ = active player
Bold = Hall of Famer
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