DH Rule Set

No DH For Mordor; DH Squeaks By In Shire

Orlando, SGCBL Offices – At 6pm EDT, the deadline passed for team owners to vote on the use of the designated hitter rule in their conference. By a vote of 6-to-3, with two owners abstaining, the Mordor Conference ruled against the use of the DH. Meanwhile, in the Shire, a 4-to-3 vote barely ratified the DH in that Conference. There were four owners not heard from in the Shire vote.

The debate over the use of the DH rule in the league was heated, with most of the sharpest words coming from the anti-DH camp. Sgt. Grump, owner of the Bree Cheese in the Shire Conference, vowed to “Destroy the DH in the Crack of Doom!” going so far as to try to vote multiple times.
“The DH is inappropriate to the spirit of Middle Earth,” he said. “Show me ONE instance of the DH being mentioned in The Silmarillion!” To which Linkmeister, owner of the Dol Guldur Dragons, offered to hire a spirit guide to consult the ghost of J.R.R. Tolkien. Mr. Tolkien’s spirit could not be reached for comment.