*Ninwocket Perfect Against Isengard

Friday, September 10th, 2038
One of the rarest feats in baseball occurred at Orthanc Stadium: the perfect game.

Facing off against the Isengard Raiders, Dagorlad Disaster hurler Snibb *Ninwocket gave up no runs, no hits, no walks and saw no errors in the 6-0 victory.

“This was one of those games where a good athlete was on top of his game,” said Dagorlad manager Gameodriel Eoweriand after the game. “He had a tremendous rhythm out there. His focus, his concentration, his stuff, everything was as good as it could possibly be.”

*Ninwocket saw 27 batters and retired every one of them in order. He bewildered the Raiders, striking out 9.

Late in the game, the left-hander sat by himself at one end of the dugout, staring at the ground. No one approached him, adhering to the baseball superstition that no one mention a no-hitter — much less a perfect game — until it is completed. When it was over, *Ninwocket gave a simple fist pump, while his teammates mobbed him and the fans gave a standing ovation.

“A game like this was special,” *Ninwocket said. “It doesn’t come along very often.”

This year *Ninwocket has worked 194.1 innings with 205 strikeouts en route to a 12-10 record and 1.99 ERA.