Jamor Dominates in 7-5 Win over Mordor Conference All-Stars

Tuesday, July 12th, 2039
All-Star Erebor Eagles’ left fielder Goigan Jamor had a night to remember.

Not only did he take the field with the game’s best players, he was also a huge factor in the 7-5 Shire Conference victory over the Mordor Conference All-Stars.

“We had a meeting before the game, and I was struck by the talent in the room. Old stars, young stars, it’s a game I’ll never forget,” Jamor said after the game. “I talked to a few of my old friends from Minas Tirith, Human Lands before the game, and they told me to go out and win the game for them. I’m sure they’ll enjoy seeing the trophy back home,” he added.

Jamor has played in 1103 games and posted a lifetime .309 average. He has 1272 hits, 216 doubles, 15 triples and 170 homers. In addition he has driven in 631 runs and scored 689 times.