Grey Havens Trades the Slob for Mos Eisley’s Nailslobberer

Tuesday, March 27th, 2040
Everybody is overjoyed with a trade consummated today by the Grey Havens Stars and the Mos Eisley Wookies. In the deal Grey Havens got 35-year-old LF Fridak Nailslobberer from Mos Eisley and dealt 30-year-old 2B Kimria the Slob and 23-year-old minor league RHP Hyrneck Bologni to the Wookies. The general managers that made the swap are happy and the players are happy, too. One of the GMs commented, “This was a good swap for all concerned.”

Lifetime the Slob is hitting .221 with 16 doubles, 2 triples, 18 home runs, 49 RBIs and 63 runs scored. He has appeared in 212 games to date and delivered 118 hits.