Celorfilad Honored by First Ballot Selection to SGCBL Hall of Fame

Friday, June 29th, 2040
What does it take to make the baseball Hall of Fame?

Well, whatever it is, Noisur Celorfilad has it. He was inducted into the Tolkien Baseball Hall of Fame today.

Retiring at age 35, Celorfilad had one of the most illustrious careers ever with a 186-65 won-loss mark and a 2.57 ERA. He racked up 323 mound appearances and struck out 2404 in 2285.2 innings.

Asked by reporters to describe what it takes to become a Hall of Famer, he replied, “I guess it all started at my high school graduation. The speaker said to be successful in life, you needed to find ‘something you love.’ I am here today because I found something I love. Baseball has been my life. It has never been a job. I have been able to have fun playing a game and making a wonderful life for myself and my family. I am a kid that never really had to grow up. Just go to the ballpark each day and throw strikes. That’s it.”

Noisur Celorfilad closed by saying, “God gave me the talent and blessed me with great coaches, managers, and teammates, who helped me develop it.”