Hall of Fame Voting Results

Friday, June 29th, 2040
The ballots are counted and the results are in. One player was enshrined this year: Noisur Celorfilad will now see his plaque mounted beside the other greats from the game.

The full voting results are included here. Players require 75% of ballots cast to be elected to the Hall, may stay on the ballot for up to 20 years if they receive at least 5% of the votes. Players must be retired before they are eligible for induction to the Hall of Fame.

SP Noisur Celorfilad 94.5 (1st year) Inducted HOF
RF Hahai Brainthrottler 74.2 (4th year)
SP Nesil Orebearer 65.8 (5th year)
CL Gollaiborn Fionduil 65.8 (10th year)
CL Rowan Hill 56.6 (2nd year)
C Tognar Ringworker 46.5 (1st year)
SP Gleonyc Kendrick 43.7 (4th year)
CL Signar Gorimli 41.2 (1st year)
2B Tanta Chubb 31.4 (10th year)
3B Hisin Rockdelver 25.5 (3rd year)
CL Isengrim Sandyman 23.7 (6th year)
CL Elanor Muddyfoot 22.5 (5th year)
SS Rowan Sandyman 19.1 (1st year)
CL Prorbag Brainthrottler 15.7 (2nd year)
1B Gredoc Foemasher 14.8 (2nd year)
SS Ufrat Moonkiller 14.5 (1st year)
C Foundling *Goodbody 13.8 (5th year)
2B Frillf Elvora 12.9 (6th year)
C Imcir Imcirion 12.0 (10th year)
SP Vrsorbag the Wretched 11.1 (4th year)
LF Wart Wolfgobber 10.2 (4th year)
C Meli Eläril 9.2 (9th year)
SP Rundin Bloodytooth 8.6 (10th year)
CF Chukky Kendrick 7.1 (5th year)
C James Miller 6.2 (1st year)
C Foinus Armormaster 5.5 (1st year)
SP Gundabald Headstrong 4.0 (1st year) Dropped
SP Smilman Boroden 4.0 (1st year) Dropped
LF Gignar Demoneater 3.7 (3rd year) Dropped
LF Wayne Hawks 3.1 (1st year) Dropped
SP Ferdibrand Bridger 3.1 (1st year) Dropped
LF Dudo Hornblower 2.5 (1st year) Dropped
RP Samwise Underhill 2.2 (2nd year) Dropped
2B Pugnash Humanslurper 1.5 (1st year) Dropped
CL Wulferth Bricebolb 1.2 (1st year) Dropped
SP Benji Stron 0.0 (1st year) Dropped
SP Arwuwyn Lomebrildur 0.0 (1st year) Dropped