Numenor Kings Ship Brockhouse to Earthsea

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2040
You can focus on the negatives after being traded to a new team — finding a new place to stay, leaving teammates and friends, having to start anew — but one player hopes to focus on the positives. “It means I’m wanted somewhere. At least one team sees potential in me.” Those were the comments heard after the Numenor Kings came to an agreement to deal 33-year-old 1B Asphodel Brockhouse and 20-year-old minor league RHP Amaranthae Hisiel to the Earthsea Dragons for 37-year-old RHP Estella Middlebrook and 23-year-old LHP Dakath Galadrielas earlier today. The deal is expected to be formally announced later this evening.

This year Brockhouse has hit at a .349 pace and produced 17 RBIs, 8 home runs and scored 20 runs.