Star of the Week Picked in MC

Monday, August 27th, 2040
With some great hand-eye coordination and a sweet, compact swing, Dead Marshes Uruk-hai right fielder Farag Headmasher took the Mordor Conference by storm this past week to take the latest Player of the Week honors.

“The ball was looking like a beach ball all week,” a happy Headmasher said to BNN reporters. “When it’s that big, it doesn’t matter where they throw it — I can hit it anywhere.”

The 27-year-old right fielder hit .550 (11-for-20) last week with 5 home runs, 10 RBIs and 6 runs scored.

This season Headmasher is hitting .270 with 125 hits, 27 home runs, 84 RBIs, scored 62 runs and played in 120 games.