Gwildoc Belts 3 HR for Kings

Monday, August 27th, 2040
Issja Gwildoc showed off his power today as he launched three balls into the seats against the Lothlorien Lumberjacks and sparked the Kings to a 18-6 victory.

“I got some good pitches to hit and turned on them real good,” he told reporters in the postgame interview. “I have always liked to hit at Capital One Stadium.”

For the day, Gwildoc collected 3 hits in 5 at-bats, scored 3 runs and had 8 RBIs.

“He was instant offense today,” Numenor skipper Goreathor Gilron said. “Issja really put on a show.”

Issja Gwildoc grounded out in the 2nd, hit a solo-shot off Iwao Borwick in the 4th, struck out in the 7th, hit a GRAND SLAM off Gail Forgehead in the 7th and hit a three-run home run off Annun Elrailbo in the 8th.

This year Gwildoc is hitting .266, produced 34 RBIs and 13 home runs, scored 19 times and gotten on base at a .301 rate.