Lumberjacks Cruise to Fellowship Series with Sweep

Saturday, October 6th, 2040
The Lothlorien Lumberjacks have swept the Minas Morgul Slayers and are on to the Fellowship Series. Lothlorien won 7-5 today at Sylvan Cove to clinch the Hobbit Series.

“We’re happy to have put the dagger in when we had the chance,” said Lothlorien catcher Devi Torlak, who was named MVP for the series. “It could have been a tough series to finish if we let them start winning.”

Torlak won the award with a .500 batting average and a .500 on-base percentage. He had 1 home runs, drove in 2 RBI and scored 2 runs.

The Lothlorien Lumberjacks will play against the Isengard Raiders in the next round. Isengard had a bye in the Hobbit Series. The Fellowship Series schedule will be announced after the Hobbit Series finishes.