Alrond *Hubbard, Jr.’s Camp Ends, Big League Career Begins

Monday, April 1st, 2041
With Spring Training ending recently, the highly-touted Old Forest Merry Fellows prospect, Alrond *Hubbard, Jr., was excited to get his big league career started.

“I had fun in camp. I learned a lot about what it takes to be a big league player and I am excited to get going,” he said.

“I like everything I see. Everybody likes his talent, likes the man. I was happy to have him in camp.” said Old Forest Merry Fellows manager, Cleavergobber. “Alrond has all of the makings of a great ballplayer and we look forward to having him on the team.”

It is obvious the Old Forest Merry Fellows’s GM was correct weeks ago when he encouraged major league campers, players and visiting fans alike, to “get a first look at *Hubbard, Jr., because you’ll be seeing him a lot more very soon.”