Elrailbo Wallops #300

Sunday, May 12th, 2041
Old Forest first baseman Diador Elrailbo pounded a home run during the Merry Fellows 9-8 loss to Bucklebury yesterday. Despite the defeat, the long ball was a significant achievement and raised his career home run total to 300.

“Some hitters never live up to the hype,” said his manager. “Diador has definitely lived up to his. He’s hammered the heck out of the ball year after year.”

The Old Forest star went 2 hits for 5 at-bats during the game, scoring 1 run and had 3 runs batted in.

In a career spanning 1341 games, Elrailbo has batted .296 with 1577 hits, 300 home runs, 897 RBIs, and 765 runs scored.