Archers Clip Merry Fellows 5-4 in Fellowship Series Game 6

The Lake Town Archers and the Old Forest Merry Fellows will take the Fellowship Series to a decisive 7th game. In a must-win situation today, the Archers beat the Merry Fellows 5-4 at Lake Town Park to force the series into what will essentially be a one-game playoff. Lake Town right-hander Boof Felps was named player of the game in the win after he threw 6 innings allowing 4 runs.

Friagol the Fruity aided the Lake Town cause with a run-scoring double in the bottom of the third. For the game, the catcher was 1 for 3 with a double and a walk.

“We’ll put this win in our pocket and go after the next one,” said the Fruity.

Game 7 is set to be played tomorrow at Lake Town Park. The scheduled starters for the game are Bulbo Moss for the Old Forest Merry Fellows and Drigrin Gardener for the the Lake Town Archers.