Rivendell Trades Ithruen for Intergalactic’s Perom

Monday, December 2nd, 2041
Lord Elladan, general manager of the Rivendell Royals, has signed off on a trade for Intergalactic’s 25-year-old LF Dejathor Perom and 22-year-old LHP Gianfrancesco Dridersmasher. To complete the deal, the Royals will send 31-year-old RHP Caradas Shushud, 23-year-old SS Amaranthae Ithruen, 25-year-old minor league C Irwah Hedgeworth and 22-year-old minor league LHP Rowan Trample to the Hitchhikers.

Ithruen has played in 193 games with a .279 lifetime batting average. Among his 191 hits are 14 doubles, 8 triples and 17 home runs. He also has scored 83 runs and driven in 76 runs.