Rivendell Trades Oreshaker for Earthsea’s Tunnelsnapper

Monday, May 12th, 2042
According to BNN there were mixed emotions by the players involved in the trade between the Rivendell Royals and the Earthsea Dragons. As part of the deal, the Royals swapped 37-year-old RHP Tigan Oreshaker to the Dragons getting 29-year-old C Rifur Tunnelsnapper and 19-year-old minor league RHP Rimbo Sertori in return. The players indicated it was good to get a fresh new start in another city, but it was difficult to leave your friends on the old team.

Oreshaker has a career record of 38-33 with a 3.93 ERA. In 596 games he has recorded 121 saves and the 37-year-old has 711 strikeouts in 711.1 innings of work.