SGCBL News: Draft Pool Revealed

Friday, May 16th, 2042
The list of players who have declared for the first-year player draft was announced earlier today. BNN will have special coverage dedicated to this draft. Just look in the transaction section for the special page dedicated to the young players hoping to make a name for themselves in the show.

Teams now have a chance to scout the draft pool for 30 days before the draft is held.

The early favorites to be high picks are the following:
1. Torjus Nicolaescu, 17 year-old CF out of high-school.
2. Zurthug the Masher, 18 year-old LF out of high-school.
3. Tiarshus Dembowski, 20 year-old C out of college.
4. Snaglut BaldivĂ­a, 18 year-old LHP out of high-school.
5. Gurdag Toepunisher, 17 year-old LF out of high-school.
6. Lily Taralom, 19 year-old RHP out of college.
7. Rollo Samuelson, 17 year-old LF out of high-school.
8. Hildigrim Marblerage, 17 year-old RF out of high-school.
9. Bruggug Footthrower, 18 year-old CF out of high-school.
10. Aniteja Earolas, 19 year-old 3B out of college.

The official OSA Mock Draft will be released on the day of the draft, or you can review the draft pool on the draft page.