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Grey Havens, Dol Guldur Close Deal

Monday, December 30th, 2041
Newspapers in Grey Havens and Dol Guldur reported that the Stars have reached a deal sending 24-year-old LHP Baldrick Thingrimsson, 23-year-old SS Garbhaka Yorba, a 4th round draft pick and $500,000 in cash to the Dragons for 27-year-old RHP Eallyrl Toralynnsyr.

In his career Toralynnsyr has compiled an ERA of 3.50 with 27 victories and 33 defeats and has held opponents to a .242 batting average.

Stars, Dragons Confirm Trade

Monday, December 30th, 2041
The Baseball News Network is reporting that Grey Havens and Dol Guldur have agreed in principle to a swap that will send 25-year-old RHP Hippolyte Arnoso, 19-year-old 1B Togo Grimm, a 7th round draft pick and $500,000 in cash to the Dragons with 25-year-old RHP Christine Stonemould joining the Stars. Grey Havens general manager Lord Panda would not confirm the trade, but a team representative close to the negotiations said the deal is official and is now only awaiting approval from the league.

Arnoso has appeared in 53 games and captured 4 saves. Over his career he has 5 wins and 9 losses and a 5.26 ERA.

So far in his career Stonemould has 17 wins and 28 losses and a 4.60 ERA.

Grey Havens-Dol Guldur Trade: Moonkiller for Tunnelcutter

Monday, December 16th, 2041
It has been in the rumor mill for several weeks, but today team officials for Grey Havens and Dol Guldur confirmed an agreement. The Stars dealt 30-year-old RF Sing Moonkiller to the Dragons for 31-year-old RF Brian Tunnelcutter.

In 746 career games Moonkiller has hit .210 with 515 hits, 91 home runs, 292 RBIs and scored 295 runs.

His all-time numbers show Tunnelcutter has compiled a .275 batting average and collected 257 hits, 15 home runs and 86 RBIs.

Dragons Announce New General Manager; Lord Birds to Run Club

Monday, November 25th, 2041
With an eye toward tomorrow, the Dol Guldur Dragons finalized a deal with new GM Lord Birds.

“Birds was our only real candidate,” conceded an unnamed source. “We threw a few red herrings out there to keep the competition guessing, but that’s all they were.”

Dragons Out of Time, Out of Playoffs

Monday, September 9th, 2041
The Dol Guldur Dragons will have to play out the season without even the faintest glimmer of hope for a late-season playoff push. The club was mathematically eliminated today from postseason contention.

Dol Guldur last appeared in the postseason in 2037. This is their 4th consecutive year missing the playoffs, and in total they have not advanced past the regular season 29 times in their 38-year history. In the last 10 seasons, the Dragons have missed the playoffs 6 times.

Veteran Githrarith Hits Three Dingers

Thursday, July 25th, 2041
Players don’t hit three home runs in a game very often and when they do, it is something to celebrate. After today, Vabis Githrarith can celebrate.

The Dol Guldur Dragons left fielder powered three into the stands at Orthanc Stadium today against the Isengard Raiders.

“It’s rare that you actually try to hit a home run,” Githrarith told reporters after the game. “Most of the time you fail, if you really try to hit one. But today, I was really trying on that last one.”

In all, he was 3-for-4 as the Dragons toppled Isengard by a score of 10-3, knocking in 5 runs and scoring 3 times.

“He is blessed with a natural home run swing,” Dol Guldur manager Lura Galindil said. “He gets the ball up in the air.”

Vabis Githrarith struck out in the 1st, hit a solo-shot off Meriadoc Fieldtender in the 4th, hit a two-run home run off Meriadoc Fieldtender in the 6th, hit a solo-shot off Lyraesel Eliondel in the 8th and hit a sac fly in the 9th.

This year Githrarith has collected a .253 batting average to date with 56 hits in 221 at-bats, 40 RBIs, 13 home runs and scored 34 times. He has played in 65 games.

Norman *Xanatos Enters Hall Of Fame

Saturday, June 29th, 2041
Norman *Xanatos, the great catcher and consummate professional, was inducted into the Tolkien Baseball Hall of Fame today.

At the induction ceremony, he grew misty-eyed as he recalled the highlights of his playing career: his first base hit, his first home run and — humorously — the first time he was thrown out at home plate.

*Xanatos says he blew through his third base coach’s stop sign. As he returned to the dugout, his manager simply glared at him.

“His eyes just burned a hole right through me,” *Xanatos chuckled. “If looks could kill, I wouldn’t be here today.”

More often than not, *Xanatos pleased his managers and coaches during a superb career.

His all-time numbers show *Xanatos compiled a .321 batting average and collected 2678 hits, 514 home runs and 1389 RBIs. In all, he played in 2228 games. *Xanatos retired from baseball in 2040.

Mordor Conference’s Best Batter Announced

Monday, April 8th, 2041
Kikak Knifecrawler finds himself in the Mordor Conference spotlight today after his impossible-to-ignore performance last week. He carried the Dol Guldur Dragons on his shoulders, earning Mordor Conference Player of the Week honors.

The 28-year-old hit .480 (12-for-25) with 2 home runs and 7 RBI.

Veteran Ringbender Agrees to 1-Year Deal

Thursday, April 4th, 2041
Dragons officials hailed the signing of Fasur Ringbender as “an integral piece to our championship puzzle,” though fans were somewhat more reserved about the signing.

Ringbender will pocket $1,760,000 over 1 year.

Rasim Whitmore Injured, Out for Year

Monday, March 11th, 2041
Rasim Whitmore will soon find out from his doctors if his season will continue. The first diagnosis was not too positive and indicated the Dol Guldur reliever could miss the remainder of the year. Whitmore was injured while throwing a pitch in the Dragons-Devils clash at Spring Ballpark recently. Doctors said he has a torn rotator cuff and would be out a minimum of 12 months.