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Zero Hour: Pennypacker Blanks Dragons

Saturday, May 17th, 2042
Grey Havens Stars right-hander Estella Pennypacker used her full arsenal today to shoot down the Dol Guldur Dragons 1-0. All day long, she exhibited fine command of all her pitches, giving up no walks and striking out 12. Pennypacker allowed 1 hit to Dol Guldur in the victory.

“It felt like my catcher and I were on the same page all day, and Dol Guldur was on a way, way different page,” Pennypacker said.

In 8 starts this year Pennypacker has fashioned a 5-0 record and a 1.02 ERA.

Stars Hurler Named April’s Top Starter

Thursday, May 1st, 2042
Veteran Estella Pennypacker put together quite a successful stretch in April for the Grey Havens Stars, earning herself the Mordor Conference Pitcher of the Month award.

Pennypacker racked up a 4-0 record in 5 starts, posting a 0.98 ERA over 36.2 innings and striking out 37

Grey Havens-Star Fleet Academy Trade: Saribekian for Bridger

Monday, March 24th, 2042
In a move that has left many fans wondering, the Grey Havens Stars have traded 20-year-old minor league 1B Dejahlla Saribekian to the Star Fleet Academy Cadets. In return, the Stars receive 23-year-old RHP Soichiro Bridger.

Spring Preview: Grey Havens Stars

March 10, 2042
As reported in an earlier recap of offseason roster moves, the Grey Havens Stars came out on top, at least in the net gain in the previous season’s WAR scores for the players that moved in and out of the franchise. Team owner Celillbo Cavernslayer and GM Lord Panda were extremely busy making trades and signing contracts to push their team back onto the playoff stage–a spot they haven’t seen since 2038 and only twice in the last 17 years.

Under New Management
While not all of the faces are brand new this year, most of the coaching staff is either untested or relatively new at their job.

Assistant GM Christina Cavernmasher comes to the table with her last baseball job of note being the GM of the Budgeford College Kamikazes back in the 20’s. She has a good head on her shoulders for coaching young talent, but she has yet to prove herself in professional baseball.

Manager Vordor Anorfin was the pitching coach for Carrock for 14 years, including their historic, curse-breaking run at the playoffs and eventual championship in 2038. He came to Grey Havens in 2040 after his prior management job being a 2-year stint at the SFL Andelain Giants. Anorfin has spent the last two seasons trying (and failing) to dig the Stars out of the Orc Division basement…though, the team’s record has improved slightly in each of his two years at the helm.

At Anorfin’s right hand will sit brand new coach, Genus Chiselsnapper, a former third baseman with 1295 major league games under his belt. Chiselsnapper’s main job will be to co-ordinate the defense, but he will be called upon to help out the hitting coach from time-to-time.

Speaking of the hitting coach, Dejahja Thrithien has been called up to the majors after an 11-year run at single-A Mithlond. Thrithien helped guide the Mithlond club to three playoff runs, as well as a pair of postseason trips back in the 20’s when he was with the SFL AAA Ringworld Engineers.

Camelia Green, the hitting coach for the Stars, is in her 2nd year as the guiding force behind the Grey Havens staff. She was the PC at Moria’s single-A affliate, the Tuna Casseroles, in 2040 before signing on with Grey Havens last year.

In the rotation, the top two hurlers will be familiar faces, Estella Pennypacker and Splin of Mirkwood. Pennypacker, a 3-time Gandalf Pitcher, led the league in pitching WAR score the last two seasons and is a 6-time all-star. In November, she exercised her contract option to re-negotiate and sign a new, 7-year deal with the Stars. Splin of Mirkwood has been with the club for five seasons, and he’s only 26. He won 17 games for the Stars in 2041.

Joining the returning starters will be Christine Stonemould, 25, and Eallyrl Toralynnsyr, 27, both acquired from Dol Guldur in separate trades.

In the bullpen, it is still unclear who will emerge as the closer, but last year’s stopper was Dharmaghosa Eyekiller, 24, their 1st pick in the 2037 draft, who racked up 42 saves, but had 5 blown saves and 10 losses. So, all eyes are on lefty Sarind Tumbletoe, 23, who came over in a deal with Numenor in February. Tumbletoe has a devastating fastball-slider combo and is just developing a changeup. If he can’t cut it, there’s also left-hander Born Mosseater, 24, who tossed 30 games in relief for Carrock last year, who has the same fastball-slider but is developing a curve to go with it.

Phrank Rex, 28, a right-hander who relies on an excellent curveball and a still-developing cutter, was acquired from Ravenhill in February and is expected to eat up a lot of middle innings. And 36-year-old Rebo Hill, a longtime member of the Dagorlad bullpen, signed a minor league deal and is attending Spring Training camp after spending most of last year recovering from a fractured elbow.

The lineup is another area where the Stars will see many changes in 2042. They lost a large chunk of their outfield in one fashion or another. Power-hitting speedster with three Legolas Awards, Sasil Belol, went to free agency. Outfielder Elegrina Elvarara retired after 13 seasons. And Sing Moonkiller was traded to Dol Guldur. It is worth noting, however, that Moonkiller was released by the Dragons and is still available as a free agent at the time of this writing.

In their place, Fridak Nailslobberer remains in LF after coming over in a trade with the SFL Mos Eisley Wookies in 2040. Nailslobberer, 37, provides experience and a left-handed bat with a career batting average of .327 between SFL and SGCBL teams (.311 with Grey Havens). He is joined by 24-year-old Cronan Quijada, who will likely patrol CF with his speed and smooth fielding, and RF Brian Tunnelcutter, who came from Dol Guldur in a trade.

Tunnelcutter, 31, was stuck in the minors for years after being drafted by Lothlorien in 2029. He was traded to Bree in 2030 and spent the next 5 years winning fielding awards an being named to all-star teams without getting a shot at the majors. He became a free agent in 2035 and signed a minor league deal with Isengard. He finally got his turn with the big club in 2037 and saw some limited action over the next four seasons before being claimed off waivers by Dol Guldur in 2040. Last year, he was given a chance as the starting RF for the Dragons, hitting .266 with 5 HR and 36 RBI, but also 29 stolen bases. Dol Guldur traded him to Grey Havens in the deal for Moonkiller.

Behind the plate, Pimor Saine, the long-time catcher for the Lothlirien Lumberjacks and 5-time Legolas winner was acquired in a trade with Numenor, who picked him up as a free agent in 2039. Saine, 35, has a cannon for an arm that has gunned down 241 steal attempts over the years.

Akhilesa Medellin is a rock over at 1B. A rookie last year, he played all 162 games of the season and earned a Legolas Fielder award for his efforts.

On the opposite corner, Irene Knotwise is the hitting star of the team. The 2nd round pick for the Stars in 2030 has been at the top of the team’s offense for six of the last seven seasons. In 2041, she suffered a fractured hand in April that put her out of the action for months. Grey Havens fans are hoping that a healthy Knotwise will be the spark the team needs.

Just in case, the team went out and picked up 2-time Legolas winner, Sim Hill, off the free agent market. Hill, 31, is a switch-hitter with gap power. He doesn’t hit for average, but when he’s on the basepaths, he’s always a threat to run.

Up the middle, the Stars acquired another multi-Legolas winner, Ferdinand Roper, 37, in a 1-year deal. And Loren Evans is back at 2B.

The Stars are hoping that all of their offseason maneuvering will bear fruit either this year or in the next couple. Grey Havens fans have not seen a Return of the King Series since they lost to Mirkwood in 2007, 35 years ago. There are some middle-aged men and young elves and dwarves who have never known a great Grey Havens team. GM Lord Panda and his organization hope to rectify that situation very soon.

Veteran Roper, Grey Havens Complete Deal

Saturday, February 15th, 2042
As speculation mounted into the morning, rumors over a final agreement between Ferdinand Roper and Grey Havens became a reality, with the star opting for a $1,600,000 deal over 1 year.

Roper has a lifetime .259 batting average and .338 on-base percentage in his 1594-game career with 1396 hits and 72 home runs.

Grey Havens-Numenor Trade: Silversmelter for Tumbletoe

Monday, February 10th, 2042
Grey Havens and Numenor announced some roster changes today as the Stars acquired 23-year-old LHP Sarind Tumbletoe from the Kings in exchange for 22-year-old minor league 3B Thorgrim Silversmelter. Representatives from both teams say they are pleased with the deal.

Grey Havens Trades Poirier for Ravenhill’s Rex

Monday, February 10th, 2042
Sometimes a change of scenery can be a beneficial to a baseball player. That is the hope in Grey Havens and Ravenhill as the teams came to an agreement today which sends 25-year-old minor league RHP Careryn Poirier to the Darkwings and 28-year-old RHP Phrank Rex to the Stars. “Only time will tell if this is the right move for everyone,” stated the Ravenhill GM.

Since making his league debut Rex has made 182 appearances and nailed down 13 saves with 143 Ks in 195.1 innings. In his career he has a record of 17 wins and 21 losses and a 3.69 ERA.

Grey Havens Stars Ship Roman to Carrock

Monday, February 10th, 2042
It likely won’t turn either team into an instant contender or provide a huge franchise shakeup, but the Grey Havens Stars and Carrock Bears finalized a trade today. Grey Havens will send 23-year-old 2B Jaimie Roman to the Bears, while the Stars will receive 24-year-old LHP Born Mosseater.

“We think this is a deal that will help out both teams and we’re glad to get it done,” Stars general manager Lord Panda said.

The trade is expected to be officially completed later today with the players joining their new ballclubs by the end of the day.

During his career Roman has compiled a .292 batting average and collected 126 hits, 7 home runs and 32 RBIs.

For his career Mosseater has picked up 1 win and 1 loss with 1 save, a 2.52 ERA and 48 strikeouts in 50 innings.

Grey Havens Wins Lottery for 3B Hill

Saturday, February 1st, 2042
As speculation mounted into the morning, rumors over a final agreement between Sim Hill and Grey Havens became a reality, with the star opting for a $89,400,000 deal over 4 years.

Hill has a lifetime .224 average with 884 hits, 174 doubles, 36 triples, 205 home runs and 615 RBIs to date.

$40,400,000 Lands SP Debursson for Stars

Monday, January 13th, 2042
Stars officials presented Tangaloa Debursson to members of the local print media today as their new starting pitcher.

The deal, worth $40,400,000, guarantees the 26-year-old a home in Grey Havens for 4 years. It should improve the ballclub, assuming she plays to her potential.