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Number 300 for *Stonecutter III

Sunday, May 8th , 2044
At Silmarillion Cellular Field Ragnar *Stonecutter III smashed his 300th career home run in a game against Minas Ithil today. The 29-year-old shortstop had a hand in the Isengard Raiders 7-4 victory with 1 home run and 3 runs batted in. For the day he went 3 hits-5 at-bats.

At the press conference after the game, *Stonecutter III downplayed his achievement.

“To reach 300 home runs is amazing and something I’ll always cherish. I’ve been fortunate to remain healthy and play at a high level through most of my career.”

In his career *Stonecutter III has played in 1584 games with a .334 batting average. Among his 1973 hits are 178 doubles, 37 triples, and 300 home runs. He also has scored 1131 runs, walked 811 times, has 482 stolen bases and driven in 893 runs.

MC Premier Pitcher is Isengard’s Goodrich

Sunday, May 1st , 2044
What Ferdibrand Goodrich of the Isengard Raiders did to Mordor Conference hitters in April was criminal. He assaulted them, broke them and walked off leaving them lifeless and lost as he stole away with the Pitcher of the Month award for his barbaric behavior.

“Goodrich was truly dominant out there,” an opposing hitter said to reporters. “He really made hitters miserable.”

The 35-year-old reliever threw 18.1 innings in 12 relief appearances as he registered no saves, 10 strikeouts, and notched a 4-0 record and 0.98 ERA for the month.

Raiders Nozdrin Suffers Injury

Wednesday, April 20th , 2044
“I’m frustrated right now,” said Isengard closer Yodo Nozdrin. “I can’t help this team by sitting on the bench or in the training room.” Unfortunately for the Raiders, that’s where he will be spending 3 weeks. Nozdrin suffered biceps tendinitis in today’s game against Dunharrow while throwing a pitch. “Believe me,” he said, “I won’t be out a day longer than I have to be.”

This year Nozdrin has 3 saves with a 0-0 won-lost mark and 4.50 ERA.

Isengard RP Diador Arwaun Injured

Wednesday, April 20th , 2044
When Diador Arwaun was hurt against the Dunharrow Devils, the Isengard Raiders were hopeful that the injury was not serious. However, it proved to be more severe than first thought. The 36-year-old reliever suffered shoulder inflammation throwing a pitch in yesterday’s game. Team doctors told BNN today that Arwaun would miss 4 months of the season.

Isengard, Ravenhill Agree to Swap

Monday, February 22nd , 2044
The Isengard Raiders swapped 32-year old LF Katie Simbelmyne and 24-year old minor league LHP Baldassare Heremano for 25-year old CF Luus Black and 24-year old RHP Yaereene Galindil of the Darkwings after what Ravenhill officials would only characterize as “difficult” negotiations.

Isengard will retain a portion of Simbelmyne’s remaining contract.

Checking out her career figures, Simbelmyne has played in 1150 games with a .279 batting average. Among her 1136 hits are 80 home runs. She also has scored 567 runs, stolen 292 bases and driven in 397 runs.

To date Black has a .231 career batting average and has totaled 7 home runs.

Raiders, Badgers Make Deal

Monday, February 15th , 2044
It likely won’t turn either team into an instant contender or provide a huge franchise shakeup, but the Isengard Raiders and Narnia Badgers finalized a trade today. Isengard will send 35-year old 1B Sirbag Toemasher to the Badgers, while the Raiders will receive 23-year old minor league CF Grishnak Royston.

“We think this is a deal that will help out both teams and we’re glad to get it done,” Raiders general manager Ragnar Stonecutter said.

The trade is expected to be officially completed later today with the players joining their new ballclubs by the end of the day.

Isengard will retain a portion of Toemasher’s remaining contract.

In his career Toemasher is hitting .276 with a total of 349 home runs.

Raiders-Crashlanders Trade: Eliondel for Even

Monday, February 8th , 2044
According to BNN there were mixed emotions by the players involved in the trade between the Isengard Raiders and the WeMadeIt Crashlanders. As part of the deal, the Raiders swapped 26-year old RHP Lyraesel Eliondel and 18-year old minor league LHP Skutruk Moonkiller to the Crashlanders getting 33-year old RHP Richard Even and 21-year old minor league RHP Tóbias Bramble in return. The players indicated it was good to get a fresh new start in another city, but it was difficult to leave your friends on the old team.

Eliondel has posted 11 victories and 9 defeats in her career with a 4.23 ERA. She also has fanned 124 batters in 206.1 innings and given up 202 hits.

In his career Even has compiled an ERA of 3.24 with 57 victories and 43 defeats and has held opponents to a .224 batting average. He also has struck out 881 batters in 956 innings and given up 778 hits.

Hill, Isengard Finalize $8,600,000 Contract

Saturday, January 30th , 2044
Raiders officials presented Billy Hill to members of the local print media today as their new first baseman.

The deal, worth $8,600,000, guarantees the 31-year-old a home in Isengard for 3 years. It should improve the ballclub, assuming he plays to his potential.

Over his career Hill is batting .280 with 195 doubles, 11 triples, 108 home runs, 392 RBIs and scored 352 runs in 902 games.

3B Cleverhelm Selects Isengard’s $4,000,000 Bid

Saturday, January 30th , 2044
There was a buzz in the air today as news broke of Isengard finalizing a deal with star third baseman Fral Cleverhelm.

The deal, worth an estimated $4,000,000 over 1 year, is being hailed by media analysts and could be a popular one with the Isengard fans. The consensus is that Cleverhelm will contribute a lot to the team.

In his 1021-game career Cleverhelm is hitting .274 with 995 hits, 58 home runs, 361 runs scored and 389 RBIs.

Elvelas Signs with Raiders for $25,080,000

Tuesday, January 26th , 2044
Ending months of speculation, the Isengard Raiders finalized a deal with Arielimnda Elvelas earlier today, making the starting pitcher a very happy man. He’ll be making an estimated $12,540,000 a year for 2 years.

His career stats show that Elvelas has racked up 12 victories and 9 defeats and has recorded an ERA of 3.42.