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Isengard Trades the Devastator for Numenor’s the Tearer

Monday, April 14th, 2042
Earlier today, officials from the Isengard Raiders and the Numenor Kings announced that they had finalized negotiations on a trade between the two teams. The deal will send 26-year-old minor league RHP Iaim the Devastator to Numenor in exchange for 29-year-old RHP Nol the Tearer.

Numenor will retain a portion of the Tearer’s remaining contract.

Lifetime the Tearer has registered a 70-81 record with a 4.28 ERA.

Isengard’s Arwaun Will Miss Season

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2042
The season is apparently over for Diador Arwaun. The Isengard Raiders medical staff informed the club that the starting pitcher will be out at least 12 months with a torn ulnar collateral ligament. Arwaun was hurt in the game against Dead Marshes while throwing a pitch. The doctors did not think he would recover prior to the end of the season.

Isengard Raiders Ship Pennypacker to Carrock

Monday, March 31st, 2042
It has been in the rumor mill for several weeks, but today team officials for Isengard and Carrock confirmed an agreement. The Raiders dealt 29-year-old CF Kate Pennypacker and 18-year-old minor league RHP Miranda Mosseater to the Bears for 24-year-old 3B Snuzburz Starslobberer, 23-year-old minor league RHP Aerilaya Brilhirion and 22-year-old minor league RHP Taddese Eadon.

Pennypacker is hitting .235 lifetime with 137 hits, 30 doubles, 7 triples, 9 home runs and 51 RBIs to date. She has scored 70 runs, walked 34 times and has a .278 OBP.

Spring Preview: Isengard Raiders

March 3, 2042
Last year’s overall champion, the Isengard Raiders didn’t have to do much fine tuning in the offseason, but they made a few moves that should help cement their position as one of the league’s top teams.

Fresh Ideas
In a somewhat surprising move, the Raiders found a replacement for the retiring Assistant GM, Gaman Elruidor, in a former journeyman catcher who signed with Numenor in 2004 and didn’t have his first major league hit until 2009. Fulg Devilpoker’s big season came in 2013 when he played 120 games for the Kings, hitting .239 with 2 HR and 31 RBI. His last game was in 2020 for Bucklebury, but he held out hope that he’d be picked up by someone for two years before retiring in 2022. After that, Devilpoker went on to run the baseball program for the Romenna College Vandals from 2027 to 2029, and his last job was as GM for the Lonely Mountain High School team in 2030, 12 years ago. Still, team owner Golliathor Elralith and GM Ragnar Stonecutter must have seen something in the 57-year-old. They signed him to a 5-year contract in November.

Pitching has never been Isengard’s strong suit. Yet, somehow, Brian Hermosillo has managed to get the most out of his staff in his three years as pitching coach. Trading one of their top starters, Grailas Limke, to Serenity Valley along with reliever Anilkumar Fassbinder and a minor leaguer was a way for the Raiders to shed some salary, but it must have given Hermosillo heartburn at the time. However, the front office used that money to go out and purchase some key elements for the team, including a top-shelf catcher and the highly regarded SP Tobi Muddyfoot. The left-handed Muddyfoot was a 2-time SFL all-star and won 3 titles with the Discworld City Watch. Discworld (now Tatooine) traded him to Chiba City in January, and the Raiders acquired him and his $14.1 million yearly salary in a trade with the Neuromancers in February.

At the top of the rotation sit Meriadoc Fieldtender, a 14-game winner last year, and Diador Arwaun, who has four Return of the King Series rings and a career 141-92 record with a 3.10 ERA that currently ranks him 16th for active players and 32nd overall.

Yoshikazu MacElliott is also returning after a very good season, and all eyes will be on veteran Eimer Eladriewen, 34, to see if he bounces back from a torn UCL that put him out of action last July.

In the bullpen, Bodo Sandyman saved 44 games last year, finishing 2nd in the Mordor Conference Gwaihir Reliever voting, but turning 37 as the season begins has cast doubt that he will keep the closer role this year. Most analysts believe that 25-year-old Yodo Nozdrin will get the nod as the team’s finisher in 2042, but with only 47 major league games under his belt, Nozdrin will have to prove himself up to the task.

Joining Nozdrin and Sandyman in the pen will be Ruzrat the Atrocious, a lefty specialist who bounced around a lot this offseason, going from Minas Tirith to Gallifrey to Old Forest to Star Fleet Academy before landing with the Raiders in January. With the Titans, Ruzrat was 7-3 with 11 saves and a 4.22 ERA in 28 relief appearances last year.

A pair of veterans in Lenwe Elradriend and Ferdibrand Goodrich will make their cases to be included on the roster this Spring. Elradriend, 34, has been a steady contributor to the Isengard pitching staff since he was picked up after being released by Rivendell back in 2033. Goodrich, 33, has seen a lot of middle inning action since he signed with the team in 2034. Last year, he was limited to 27 games, but he sported a 1.87 ERA and won 6 games for the Raiders.

GM Ragnar Stonecutter’s grandson, Ragnar Stonecutter III, is following in his Hall of Fame father’s footsteps, and he might even been surpassing the old man. Stonecutter, the 2032 Frodo Rookie of the Year, has 10 seasons under his belt, but he’s still only 27 years old. The dwarven SS has won three Sam Gamgee Batter awards and last season garnered his first Aragorn MVP trophy. On top of that, the speedy Stonecutter has won two Shadowfax Stolen Base Awards and four playoff series MVP awards. It is safe to say that Stonecutter is the offensive might of the Isengard Raiders.

Stonecutter’s double-play partner at 2B is Norihide Dores, who is just 24-years-old and is already the owner of a Return of the King Series ring and a Legolas Fielder Award at 2B. The speedy Dores stole 46 bases last year and was only caught 15 times.

Stocky dwarf, Gliran Chiselarm provides power and stability at 1B, where he has missed playing in just five regular season games in the last three seasons. Named an all-star last year, Chiselarm hit .294 with 30 HR and 107 RBI. Were it not for Stonecutter’s shadow, he’d be the top offensive player on many teams.

On the opposite side of the diamond, Arwowyn Galindil plays rock solid defense at 3B and hit .290 last season.

The Raiders had a bit of a hole at catcher last year, splitting the duties between Belladonna Bridge and Fastolph Dogwood. So, they went out and traded with the Minas Tirith Titans to get Amalgarbha Rangosch. Rangosch, 31, entered the league as a free agent from an independent league, signing with Bree in 2032. He played a backup role for the Cheese until they traded him to the Titans in 2040. Then, last season he got his big break, playing in 130 games for Minas Tirith, hitting .275 with 11 HR and 55 RBI and winning the Shire Conference Legolas Fielder Award at catcher.

The outfield has Legolas winner and all-star Drigrin Cotton, who led the league with 131 RBI last year, lefty hitting all-star Erin Pelham, and Terra Stonecrown, who was last season’s Fellowship Series MVP.

Other players to watch include newly signed free agent outfielder, Tobdakh Mandragger, and veteran infielder and Legolas winner, Gudur Degen.

Not a lot has changed for the Raiders since last season, but that’s probably for the best. Their mix of hot young talent and cagey vets, along with fresh insights from their new assistant GM, should put them at the top of contention for making a third straight playoff run and a chance at a 2nd consecutive Return of the King trophy.

Isengard Trades Savvateev for Chiba City’s Muddyfoot

Monday, February 17th, 2042
You can’t always get what you want, but sometimes you find a deal anyway. The Baseball News Network is reporting that Isengard and Chiba City have made a swap with 25-year-old minor league 1B Azguul Driderthrower and 22-year-old minor league 1B Jouko Savvateev being shipped to the Neuromancers and in return the Raiders would get 30-year-old LHP Tobi Muddyfoot, 23-year-old RHP Belba Underhill and 25-year-old 2B Tigzava Aluviirsaan.

Isengard general manager Ragnar Stonecutter said the two sides were close to a blockbuster trade before agreeing upon a smaller scale transaction.

“This is just a bit of housekeeping compared to what we wanted to do,” he said. “I won’t name names, but the potential deal we were close to making would have certainly grabbed some headlines.”

A source inside the Isengard organization said the two sides might not be done dealing, and another transaction could be in the works.

Chiba City will retain a portion of Muddyfoot’s remaining contract.

$14,550,000 Lands CF Mandragger for Raiders

Tuesday, January 21st, 2042
The Raiders and Tobdakh Mandragger appeared before the Isengard media today as the two sides emerged from marathon contract talks.

Mandragger, a center fielder, is poised to make $14,550,000 over 3 years.

During his career Mandragger is batting .251 and has totaled 48 home runs.

Isengard-Numenor Trade: Weissmuller for Mogan

Monday, January 20th, 2042
Done deal! The Isengard Raiders have agreed to send 25-year-old C Legolas Weissmuller to the Numenor Kings for 25-year-old LHP Trigkug Mogan. The trade, rumored for days, was completed in the wee hours this morning.

In his career Mogan has totaled 8 victories and 16 defeats with a 5.60 ERA. The 25-year-old hurler also has struck out 86 batters in 159 innings and surrendered 175 hits.

Veteran 3B Galindil Settles on Raiders

Tuesday, January 14th, 2042
Veteran third baseman Arwowyn Galindil put the finishing touches on a deal with the Raiders today, agreeing to a $4,710,000, 1-year pact.

Fans were generally receptive to the deal.

Lifetime Galindil has compiled a .277 batting average and collected 1289 hits, 12 home runs and 353 RBIs.

Isengard Trades Rascaltamer for Minas Tirith’s Rangosch

Monday, January 13th, 2042
BNN has learned the Isengard Raiders have reportedly worked out a deal with the Minas Tirith Titans. Sources close to the Raiders indicated that a trade has been reached in principle where 31-year-old C Amalgarbha Rangosch will be swapped to Isengard with 26-year-old minor league SS Justin Rascaltamer heading to Minas Tirith. Neither organization would comment on the report, saying it was club policy not to speak about a trade until it was finalized.

Lifetime Rangosch has compiled a .278 batting average and collected 558 hits, 50 home runs and 251 RBIs.

Isengard Raiders Ship Limke to Serenity Valley

Monday, January 6th, 2042
There were plenty of hugs and handshakes all around as 27-year-old RHP Anilkumar Fassbinder, 28-year-old RHP Grailas Limke and 19-year-old minor league RHP Gero Capel left the Isengard Raiders today en route to joining the Serenity Valley Fireflies organization. 25-year-old RHP Bob Goldworthy, 24-year-old minor league RHP Mason Mosseater and 21-year-old minor league 1B Frédéric Marandici will be traveling to Isengard Raiders to complete the swap.

In his career Limke has totaled 35 victories and 30 defeats with a 3.08 ERA. The 28-year-old hurler also has struck out 402 batters in 506.1 innings and surrendered 464 hits.