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Isengard Trades the Devastator for Numenor’s the Tearer

Monday, April 14th, 2042
Earlier today, officials from the Isengard Raiders and the Numenor Kings announced that they had finalized negotiations on a trade between the two teams. The deal will send 26-year-old minor league RHP Iaim the Devastator to Numenor in exchange for 29-year-old RHP Nol the Tearer.

Numenor will retain a portion of the Tearer’s remaining contract.

Lifetime the Tearer has registered a 70-81 record with a 4.28 ERA.

Numenor-Dyson Trade: Thadigiri for Never

Saturday, March 1st, 2042
The Numenor Kings swapped 27-year-old 1B Aarto Thadigiri and 23-year-old minor league RF Osamu Dogwood for 27-year-old RHP Kwang-chih Never of the Spheres after what Dyson officials would only characterize as “difficult” negotiations.

Grey Havens-Numenor Trade: Silversmelter for Tumbletoe

Monday, February 10th, 2042
Grey Havens and Numenor announced some roster changes today as the Stars acquired 23-year-old LHP Sarind Tumbletoe from the Kings in exchange for 22-year-old minor league 3B Thorgrim Silversmelter. Representatives from both teams say they are pleased with the deal.

Old Forest-Numenor Trade: Millstone for Rödinger

Monday, February 3rd, 2042
It likely won’t turn either team into an instant contender or provide a huge franchise shakeup, but the Old Forest Merry Fellows and Numenor Kings finalized a trade today. Old Forest will send 25-year-old C David Millstone and 26-year-old minor league RHP Adgug the Ugly to the Kings, while the Merry Fellows will receive 28-year-old RHP Zoello Rödinger.

“We think this is a deal that will help out both teams and we’re glad to get it done,” Merry Fellows general manager Tom Bombadil said.

The trade is expected to be officially completed later today with the players joining their new ballclubs by the end of the day.

Rödinger has posted 71 victories and 75 defeats in his career with a 3.96 ERA.

It’s Official: LF Millstone Signs with Kings

Tuesday, January 21st, 2042
The Numenor front office announced the signing of Bowman Millstone today as the team’s new left fielder. The 31-year-old came to terms with the Kings and will be hauling in $22,000,000 a year over 5 years.

In his 966-game career Millstone is batting .264 with 102 doubles, 20 triples, 214 home runs and 630 RBIs. He has stolen 176 bases and scored 617 times.

Isengard-Numenor Trade: Weissmuller for Mogan

Monday, January 20th, 2042
Done deal! The Isengard Raiders have agreed to send 25-year-old C Legolas Weissmuller to the Numenor Kings for 25-year-old LHP Trigkug Mogan. The trade, rumored for days, was completed in the wee hours this morning.

In his career Mogan has totaled 8 victories and 16 defeats with a 5.60 ERA. The 25-year-old hurler also has struck out 86 batters in 159 innings and surrendered 175 hits.

$121,700,000 Lands SP Rödinger for Kings

Wednesday, January 15th, 2042
The Kings and Zoello Rödinger appeared before the Numenor media today as the two sides emerged from marathon contract talks.

Rödinger, a starting pitcher, is poised to make $121,700,000 over 6 years.

Since his debut in the league, Rödinger has posted 71 victories and 75 defeats with an ERA of 3.96.

Numenor Wins Lottery for RP Kei

Saturday, January 11th, 2042
As speculation mounted into the morning, rumors over a final agreement between Simon Kei and Numenor became a reality, with the star opting for a $6,240,000 deal over 3 years.

Kei has made 277 games with 2 saves in his career. His record includes 20 wins and 9 losses with a 3.78 ERA and 295 strikeouts in 393 innings.

Grey Havens Trades the Tearer for Numenor’s Saine

Monday, January 6th, 2042
Grey Havens and Numenor announced some roster changes today as the Stars acquired 35-year-old C Pimor Saine from the Kings in exchange for 29-year-old RHP Nol the Tearer. Representatives from both teams say they are pleased with the deal.

Reviewing his career stats, the Tearer has worked 1282.1 innings with 984 strikeouts en route to a 69-81 record. The 29-year-old also has a 4.30 ERA.

Saine currently has a career .240 batting average with 1397 hits, good for 320 home runs, 876 RBIs and 731 runs.

Gallifrey-Numenor Trade: Manthrottler for Longbeard

Saturday, January 4th, 2042
BNN is reporting a rumored trade between the Gallifrey Time Lords and Numenor Kings has been finalized. The deal, which is expected to be announced sometime during the next few hours, will reportedly send 31-year-old CF Wogdish Manthrottler to Numenor in return for 31-year-old 3B Genus Longbeard. The clubs were noncommittal on the trade, but did not deny it.

Manthrottler boasts a lifetime batting average of .270 with 388 hits, 60 homers, 197 runs scored and 166 RBIs.