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bin Hudhayfah and Orlovsky Suspended 7 Games

Saturday, May 17th, 2042
A bench-clearing brawl marred the Bree-Rivendell game at Bree-Land Ballpark yesterday and resulted in two players being suspended today by the league office. The Cheese Hyun-jong bin Hudhayfah and the Royals Lantina Orlovsky were ejected from the game for fighting. Both players will have to sit out 7 games.

Looking at his season stats, bin Hudhayfah has compiled a .289 batting average and a .347 on-base percentage, while hitting 1 home run and driving in 4 runs.

In pitching stats this season Orlovsky has rung up 3 wins and 2 losses in 7 games. He has an ERA of 2.59 and has fanned 46 batters in 48.2 innings.

Rivendell-WeMadeIt Trade: Tyrneladhelu for Fingereater

Monday, May 12th, 2042
It is being reported in WeMadeIt that the Crashlanders and the Rivendell Royals have agreed on a trade. According to anonymous sources 25-year-old minor league LF Suzbag Fingereater will be dealt to the Royals in return for 28-year-old CF Danak Tyrneladhelu.

Rivendell Trades Oreshaker for Earthsea’s Tunnelsnapper

Monday, May 12th, 2042
According to BNN there were mixed emotions by the players involved in the trade between the Rivendell Royals and the Earthsea Dragons. As part of the deal, the Royals swapped 37-year-old RHP Tigan Oreshaker to the Dragons getting 29-year-old C Rifur Tunnelsnapper and 19-year-old minor league RHP Rimbo Sertori in return. The players indicated it was good to get a fresh new start in another city, but it was difficult to leave your friends on the old team.

Oreshaker has a career record of 38-33 with a 3.93 ERA. In 596 games he has recorded 121 saves and the 37-year-old has 711 strikeouts in 711.1 innings of work.

Rivendell Royals Ship Nunduil to Earthsea

Monday, May 12th, 2042
Lord Elladan, general manager of the Rivendell Royals, has signed off on a trade for Earthsea’s 35-year-old RHP Arwauhir The Sling and 31-year-old LF Justin Willowbottom. To complete the deal, the Royals will send 29-year-old LF Ullla Nunduil, 35-year-old RHP Isor Arkenston and 20-year-old minor league CF Caramella Nightstalker to the Dragons.

For the year Nunduil is batting .179 with 22 hits and 7 home runs. He has scored 13 times and driven in 15.

Lifetime in 179 games Willowbottom is batting .276 with 21 home runs and 67 RBIs.

Star of the Week Picked in SC

Monday, May 5th, 2042
26-year-old Dejathor Perom sent shock waves through Tolkien Baseball last week with an eye-popping performance that brought him the Shire Conference Player of the Week Award.

A newcomer to the league, Perom made the establishment sit up and take notice, punishing opposing pitchers with a .452 average, 14 hits in 31 at-bats, 4 home runs and 7 runs batted in.

Where the Rivendell Royals right fielder goes from here, only the baseball gods know for sure, but Perom certainly made his mark last week.

On the season, Perom is batting .308 with 8 home runs and 15 RBIs. He has played in 26 games.

Ugly Incident Ends in 3-Game Suspension

Monday, March 3rd, 2042
“Deplorable conduct will not be tolerated in this league, especially if it is directed toward our umpires.” That was the gist of the league commissioner’s notification letter to the Old Forest Merry Fellows organization advising them that designated hitter Imcir Lómeldur had been suspended for 3 games for his heated confrontation with the home plate umpire in yesterday’s game with Rivendell. He became furious over a called third strike.

Spring Preview: Rivendell Royals

March 3, 2042
The Royals made a lot of noise in the offseason…everything from the coaching staff to free agents to trades to the Rule 5 draft had Rivendell’s fingerprints on it. Team owner, Gikor Heartdragger, and GM Lord Elladan were very disappointed in the team’s 3rd place finish in the Elf Division last year, and they are determined to get back into the playoffs in 2042. The early predictions hint that Rivendell may be the best team in the Tolkien Baseball League this year.

New Management
In November, the Royals allowed the contracts of Assistant GM Ugo Fumlisson and Manager Marcos Easyheart to expire and began the hunt for replacements. They must have had their eye on Longo Banks, because it didn’t take them long to hire the former Carrock manager to a 4-year deal on November 21st. Banks, 62, is the manager who guided the Bears to break their 33-year playoff drought and led them to their 2038 championship title. Later that month, the team brought on Erwi Eowowen, the former SFL GM of the Star Fleet Academy Cadets and Assistant GM of the New New York Blernsballers, to be Lord Elladan’s assistant. Eowowen helped take the Cadets and the Blernsballers to the playoffs three times each, winning an SFL title with Star Fleet.

The team went nuts with trades during the offseason, turning over a ton of players and reshaping the team almost completely.

The 2040 Gandalf Pitcher winner, Gildor Inglorion, is still the ace of the staff, having won 18 games last year and possessing an 81-34 record in his first four seasons. This year he will be joined by Arielimda Elvelas, acquired in a trade with the Andelain Giants. Elvelas led the SFL with a 3.04 ERA last year. Grailas Limke, who toiled for the Isengard Raiders last season, was added to the Rivendell staff in a trade with Serenity Valley. And Lantina Orlovsky was picked up from the Lothlorien organization in the Rule 5 Draft.

In the bullpen, closer Denumli the Obtuse, known as “The Machine”, was signed as a free agent after spending several years as the closer for the Xanth Centaurs. Joining him will be Isor Arkenston, acquired in a deal with Andelain, and lefty Tavzava Noriand, who was signed to a 4-year deal after spending last season as the closer for Dol Guldur.

Ginyc Maker, who has 4 Legolas awards, will be patrolling the outfield again in 2042, and he’ll be joined by 2-time SL Platinum Stick award winner, Dejathor Perom, who came in a trade from the Intergalactic Hitchhikers, and power-hitting speedster, Ullla Nunduil.

All-Star catcher, Fosco Whitfoot, returns behind the plate. Whitfoot hit 20 HR last year and has a .291 batting average in his four seasons with the club.

Power-hitting first baseman, Maximo Charneca provides left-handed power, while over at 3B, young Camillo Meriken, the Royals’ 1st round draft pick in 2036, looks to be ready to take over the hot corner and give the team some righty power.

At 2B, Giacomino Argyll is the perfect lead-off hitter. He almost never strikes out, hit .335 last year, and once on the basepaths stole 67 bases. His double-play partner at SS this season will be 24-year-old Phantyni Elrondir, who was a scouting discovery in 2035 and just made his major league debut in September last year.

Other players to watch include 34-year-old SP Bagdreg Gnomehammer, an SFL veteran, who was signed to a minor league deal and who will show up this Spring as one of 15 non-roster invitees to camp.

Pil-Joong Corcorane made his way through the organization after being signed as a minor league free agent in 2033. He was the main DH in 2040, but his spot was taken over by Ollla Nerith last year. Nerith has since signed with the Erebor Eagles, opening the DH position to Corcorane and any other hitter who steps up to the role.

Journeyman Tigan Hammerscarer, 37, has signed a 1-year deal to try and put a coda on his career. Hammerscarer may see action around the infield, especially at 1B and 3B.

Super slick infielder, Doug Sathi is another non-roster invitee to Spring Training camp. At 33, the injury-plagued Sathi hopes to play some late defensive replacement innings at SS and 3B.

Rivendell has made the moves to put themselves back in contention, if not at the top of the pack, in the Tolkien Baseball League. Pre-season predictions currently have them winning more games than any other team. If the injury bug can be avoided, the Royals are in a position to make a great run at their elusive first Return of the King trophy.

Veteran 3B Hammerscarer Settles on Royals

Sunday, March 2nd, 2042
Rivendell’s signing of Tigan Hammerscarer was met with mixed reactions today as the 37-year-old third baseman was introduced to the media. Some experts consider him overpaid at $2,800,000 a year for 1 year, while others insist that Hammerscarer is a perfect fit for the Royals.

Hammerscarer has played in 1390 games with a .269 lifetime batting average. Among his 1035 hits are 262 doubles, 22 triples and 21 home runs. He also has scored 422 runs and driven in 326 runs.

Rivendell Royals Ship the Insane to Moria

Monday, January 20th, 2042
BNN is reporting a rumored trade between the Rivendell Royals and Moria Miners has been finalized. The deal, which is expected to be announced sometime during the next few hours, will reportedly send 31-year-old CF Grikak the Insane to Moria in return for 33-year-old LF Memli Ringtooth. The clubs were noncommittal on the trade, but did not deny it.

Career-to-date the Insane has rung up a .286 average, played in 310 games and collected 38 doubles, 16 triples and 8 home runs.

For his career Ringtooth has hit at a .257 clip. Among his lifetime numbers are 72 hits, 12 doubles, no triples, 7 home runs and 28 RBIs.