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Owner Guide Updated

MIDDLE EARTH – League officials announced an update to the best-selling OOTP Owner/Manager Information Guide. Version 1.06 contains some minor corrections. We at MESN heartily recommend the Guide to all team owners and casual observers. It includes explanations of player ratings, player development, depth charts, minor leagues, trading tips and free agent procedures. It also includes tips on how to get the most out of contract negotiations, a timeline for league events, and definitions of all the statistics used in the game.

Groovy Guide Updated

ORLANDO – Sgt. Grump’s groovy guide to OOTP for team owners has been updated. The current revision is 1.04. Added this time are a Ratings-To-Real Chart (Appendix B), a Key Date/Period Timeline, clarification about Minor League contract length and various minor corrections. If you are a team owner (or thinking about becoming one) download it today.
Groovy Guide to OOTP in the SGCBL.

DH Rule Set

No DH For Mordor; DH Squeaks By In Shire

Orlando, SGCBL Offices – At 6pm EDT, the deadline passed for team owners to vote on the use of the designated hitter rule in their conference. By a vote of 6-to-3, with two owners abstaining, the Mordor Conference ruled against the use of the DH. Meanwhile, in the Shire, a 4-to-3 vote barely ratified the DH in that Conference. There were four owners not heard from in the Shire vote.

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Draft Procedures Updated

Orlando, SGCBL League Offices – As was pointed out by the owner of the Dol Guldur Dragons, a live draft will be next to impossible. He is in Hawaii, and the owner of the Bywater Bounders is in the U.K. That’s a ten hour swing. So, it looks like a submitted list of players in the order you would draft them is the way we have to go.
Grump brought up another point at lunch. If you submit lists, and you don’t get all your picks (which, of course, you won’t), what happens if you wind up with 10 catchers?
To combat this, when entering picks, I will skip your next pick if it would give you more than you need at any one position. I am going to expand the draft rounds to 40, so you will have plenty of players of your own choosing. You can decide which 25 will be starters after the draft. The rest can go to your AAA minor league team (or wherever you want).
3 players per fielding position ( 3 x 8 = 24)
9 starting pitchers
5 middle relievers
2 closers
Total 40.
If I get down to the end of the draft and there is no one left in the pool that will not overfill the categories, I will go back to the top of the list and pick from there.
Example: The next person on the list for the Lonely Mountain Losers is a shortstop. But they already have three from earlier rounds. So, I will skip to the next name on their list. I will keep skipping until I come to a position that is not max’d out. If the only category left to fill is closer and there are no closers left, I will go back and pick the shortstop after all.
I will put up another file with the players in it tonight, using the simplified ratings that are displayed on the web site. Hopefully, that will make it easier to figure out your picks.
If you have any questions, now is the time to pop over to the Forum.

Salary Cap Not Used In Draft

Orlando, SGCBL League Offices – Salaries assumed from picking a player in the initial draft will count against your payroll. However, the Salary Cap will not be in force.
Once the initial draft is complete, we will adjust the cap if necessary. So, when figuring out your draft picks do not worry about going over the salary cap.
TIP: The computer-generated salaries are based on the performance potential of the players. So, the higher the salary, the better the player.

DH Vote Deadline

Orlando, SGCBL League Offices – The deadline for voting on the use of the DH rule in your conference is Monday, April 7, at 6pm. Check out the current voting HERE.

Coaches and Scouts

Clarification for the coaches and scouts. The actual positions to fill are:
Major League Hitting Coach, Pitching Coach and Scouting Director.
Minor League AAA Manager, AA Manager and A Manager.
You do not have to submit bids for every position. You might want to offer a good contract to your Major League coaches and let the computer pick the Minor League managers, for example.
Salaries usually range from $250,000 to $500,000 for contracts that last from 1 to 4 years.

Divisional Alignment

I think we’re all set to go now. I set up the conferences and divisions with the teams that we have playing. Sixteen teams makes a nice setup of two conferences with two four-team divisions.
Shire Conference
Hobbit Division
Bag End Bombers
Bywater Bounders
Gondor Condors
Mirkwood Marauders
Elf Division
Bree Cheese
Carrock Bears
Lonely Mountain Losers
Rivendell Royals
Mordor Conference
Orc Division
Dead March Uruk-hai
Dunharrow Devils
Isengard Raiders
Moria Miners
Goblin Division
Dol Guldur Dragons
Misty Mountain Hops
Mordor Mimes
Palantir Stones

First Draft of Rules

The first draft of the SGCBL Rules is up. There are a few more tweaks I am going to make, but this is essentially it.
Please, do not be intimidated by the list of rules. You can dig as deep into the financial sim as you want to, or you can just let it go. The only thing you have to worry about is responding to e-mails, setting your lineups and watching the fun.