A Writing Challenge

It’s been six years since I wrote anything in this blog other than the annual Dr. Demento recap. The last time I took a swing at it was in 2018 when I quit Facebook for a while. Even then I only put in two posts that year.

But now I’m taking on the #100DaysToOffload challenge and will try to post 100 entries in a year. 0.27 posts per day. 1.9 posts per week. It can’t be that bad. Heck, I could even devote one day per week to revisiting random entries from this blog and it would last me about 100 years! The blog even has a “Random Post From The Past” feature in the sidebar to make it even easier. (Today’s hit: If I Ever Leave This World Alive from 2004 prior to going to a Flogging Molly concert.)

I promise I won’t cheat like that every day and make this an Inception-like series of posts that link back on themselves. Instead, I’ll try and do what I did 20 years ago and write about Life, the Universe and Everything, baseball, music movies, etc.

Unfortunately, one of the main activities of the blog revolved around the blogging community that no longer exists (or not in the same form). There were things like Aortal, Blogcritics, Blogwhore, Carnival of the Vanities, Metroblogging, and Strengthen the Good…not to mention the other bloggers and non-bloggers who made up the cast of characters around here. Pepperkat and Whiny the Elder have grown up and moved (or are moving to) Japan. Ric the Schmuck, Busy Mom, Michele, Karan, The Mighty Geek Man, The Gamer’s Nook, etc. have all moved on. Or, in one of the saddest instances, Les the Stupid Evil Bastard has passed on to that other realm that he didn’t believe in. I can’t wait to meet him again and give him a hearty “ha-ha!” and a hug.

Whoa. That turned dark. Just pretend I didn’t write the last paragraph and concentrate on how excited you are to be reading something other than a list of novelty songs, and we’ll be fine. Won’t we?

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  1. Looking forward to it!

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