And now, the final frame

So, I guess if nothing else we can use this space for dream interpretation. Last night I dreamt that Amy Winehouse did not die and instead became a professional basketball player. She came to our apartment, and we played guitars and sang songs that I don’t recall.

My dad was there with us.

At some point she needed to go, and she wanted to take the U-Haul truck that was parked outside next to our old Saturn SL2. Dad said it would be alright, and he’d just tell them it was stolen. I walked her out to the truck and told her some specific quirks about driving it. Then, I kissed her cheek and said “luv u” and let her drive off. (Yet, somehow, I found myself driving the truck and backing it into the parking space at the end of the dream.)

Truth be told, I was not aware of her much before she died, and the only song I remembered before today was the infamous “Rehab”…but I know we didn’t sing that one.

I have no idea if she wanted to be a basketball player…or why we had a U-Haul parked next to the Saturn…or why we lived in an apartment on a hill…or why the only people there were Amy, my dad, and me.

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  1. Thudfactor says:

    Every time I listen to Back to Black I get pissed off again that she died so young. What a powerful talent.

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