100 Banned Books (81-90)

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TITLE: Family Secrets
AUTHOR: Norma Klein
ISBN: 0803702213
Plot Summary: Peter and Leslie, who have been living next door to each other for years, are in love. Their romance is shattered, however, when Leslie’s mother decides to marry Peter’s father…and make them brother and sister.
Complaints: Sexual themes

TITLE: Mommy Laid An Egg
AUTHOR: Babette Cole
ISBN: 0811813193
Plot Summary: Two kids explain to their parents where babies come from, using their own drawings. Designed for ages 5-8.
Complaints: Sexual themes
In 1998, the book was moved out of the children’s section of the Camden County, Missouri library because it explains the process from conception to delivery.
Solonor Says Ban It Because: This will just get five-year-olds thinking about sex, when they should be thinking about Barney…on second thought…
Teaching Your Kids About Sex: Picture Books

TITLE: The Adventures of Tom sawyer
AUTHOR: Mark Twain
ISBN: 1566194792
Plot Summary: Mark Twain’s first novel is about a boy growing up on the banks of the Mississippi.
Complaints: Offensive language, racism
Removed from the seventh-grade curriculum in the West Chester, Pa. schools (1994) after parents complained that it is too full of racially charged language.
Solonor Says Ban It Because: It promotes wild thoughts in kids. I mean, we’re supposed to be the ones using reverse psychology, and here’s Tom convincing all the other kids to do his work for him! If I tried that at work…I…um…hold on a sec…
The Internet Wiretap First Electronic Edition of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

TITLE: The Dead Zone
AUTHOR: Stephen King
ISBN: 0451155750
Plot Summary: A reluctant clairvoyant is driven to become an assassin.
Complaints: Violence, offensive language
Banned in Peru, IN School System (1992) along with ‘Cujo’ and ‘Christine’ because the books are “filthy.”
Solonor Says Ban It Because: OK, so Mr. King (whom I barely survived living in the same town in Maine with) admits his books are the “Big Mac and fries” of novels, right? So, if we allow kids to read them, they’ll sue the schools, just like McDonald’s, see? Then, where would we be? Simple logic. Stop lawsuits. Ban the books.
SciFi.com-The Dead Zone

TITLE: Song of Solomon
AUTHOR: Toni Morrison
ISBN: 0452260116
Plot Summary: Macon “Milkman” Dead III inherits his father’s worst qualities. He is selfish, spoiled and greedy. Morrison’s lyrical novel tells the story of his growth into a man, with the help of his Aunt Pilate.
Complaints: Violence, offensive language, sexual themes, racism
Removed from required reading lists and library shelves in the Richmond County School District in 1994 after a parent complained that passages from the book were “filthy and inappropriate.”
Solonor Says Ban It Because: I don’t understand it. It can’t be good.
The Exploration of Change in Identity in Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon

TITLE: Always Running
AUTHOR: Luis Rodriguez
ISBN: 0671882317
Plot Summary: The author’s account of his life with gangs in East Los Angeles and the San Gabriel Valley in the 1960’s.
Complaints: Violence, offensive language, sexual themes, racism
Banned in the Rockford, Illinois public school libraries. During the discussion, board-member David Strommer called it “irreligious, anti-family, left-wing, anti-American and radical…What’s in the book is harmful, ungodly and wrong.” Fellow board member Ed Sharp said, “I challenge anyone who knows how the mind works, after reading this book, not to be more likely to assume the lifestyle of a gang person and not to be more likely to have sex in the back of a car.”
Solonor Says Ban It Because: Guess those board members are bangin’ it now, then…after reading it and all…unless they don’t know how the mind works….but they’re council members, so that can’t be right…I wonder who’s car they’re messing up. Eww!
MetroActive Books-Luis Rodriguez

TITLE: Private Parts
AUTHOR: Howard Stern
ISBN: 0671009443
Plot Summary: The author discusses his life and work.
Complaints: Offensive language, sexual themes, racism
Solonor Says Ban It Because: Zzzzzzzzzzzz. Sorry, Howard who? Oh, yeah, him. Unfunny smut. Ban it. Then, we’ll go after Gallagher and Carrot Top! And that Don Rickles fella. Hey, is Redd Foxx dead? We need to ban his smut, too…oh, yeah, and Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy…I’ll think of more…
Netizen: Foul-Mouthed Heroes

TITLE: Where’s Waldo?
AUTHOR: Martin Hanford
ISBN: 0763619205
Plot Summary: A picture book, where you look closely to find…oh, hell, everyone knows what this is! Sheesh!
Complaints: Nudity (Yes, I am serious.)
Although most of us are searching for Waldo among the crowd in the illustrations of this book, some folks have discovered something else entirely–purportedly a topless sunbather. The book was challenged by libraries in Michigan on the grounds that “on some of the pages there are dirty things.”
Solonor Says Ban It Because: Seriously. This lowers the bar so far that I could get ANYTHING banned!
Alibris-Banned Books: Children’s

TITLE: Summer of My German Soldier
AUTHOR: Bette Greene
ISBN: 014130636X
Plot Summary: When German POW’s are brought to Arkansas during World War II, 12-year-old Patty, a Jewish girl, befriends one. When he escapes, she risks everything for her new friendship.
Complaints: Offensive language, sexual themes, racism
Solonor Says Ban It Because: Like Pat Robertson said, “You say you’re suppose to be nice to the Episcopalians and the Presbyterians and the Methodists and this, and that, and the other thing. Nonsense, I don’t have to be nice to the spirit of the Antichrist.” Well said, Pat.
Meet Bette Greene

TITLE: Little Black Sambo
AUTHOR: Helen Bannerman
ISBN: 1557094144
Plot Summary: The classic tale of a young Indian boy who meets up with tigers and turns them into butter.
Complaints: Racism
Banned from Toronto public schools in 1956.
Solonor Says Ban It Because: Fair is fair. If you’re gonna ban from the right, ya gotta ban from the left, too.
An Annotation of Helen Bannerman’s ‘The Story of Little Black Sambo’

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