100 Banned Books

I’m not one to do things by half. If it’s an insane project, I’m there, baby. So, when I was trying to think of something to write about for the Banned Books Project, I couldn’t resist the crazy idea that popped into my well-aerated cranium: 100 Mini Reviews of 100 Banned Books.

Not reviews, actually, more like added detail to the list–Why was it banned? Who banned it? What’s it about?

If anyone’s interested in writing one-sentence reviews for any of the books, I’ll be happy to add them to this project. Maybe a certain person that’s already reading all 100 books anyway….hint, hint….

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2 Responses to 100 Banned Books

  1. Solonor says:

    I am not alone! Aden has agreed to contribute one-sentence reviews for the books read. I already have some in hand! W00t!

  2. Matt Nord says:

    What could possibly be offensive about “Where’s Waldo”?

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