2009 Christmas Loot Review

Christmas has come and gone, and tomorrow I get to go into the office and celebrate peace on earth. I’ll be pretty much the only one there, as everyone uses up their vacation time for the year. I like this week especially. I get stuff done, and there’s no pressure if I don’t. We had a great Christmas Eve doing the traditional after-church activities: driving around looking at lights, singing off key and in funny voices, and eating our 7-11 supper. Christmas Day was nice and relaxed, and the next day Whiny and I went to see Avatar, then I made spaghetti sauce and we feasted before Whiny, Pepperkat, the as-yet-unnicknamed boyfriend of Pepperkat and I shredded some plastic on Rock Band 2.

Then, of course, there was Doctor Who! (I can’t wait for next week…)

In the goodies department, I got some new knick knacks for my desk (Super Grover and Oscar the Grouch), a fancy pocket notebook to keep track of which wines I like, the Firefly DVD set, and…a Nook!

The Nook is the Barnes & Noble answer to Amazon’s Kindle. I like it a lot, so far, even though I couldn’t download anything on Christmas day. I’m assuming their servers were slammed. It’s got a nifty touch screen at the bottom for navigation (including the ability to flip pages by swiping your finger across it like thumbing through a real book), and it came with a few free books (Dracula, Pride and Prejudice, and Little Women), a funny essay on the Nook by Dave Barry, and the Merriam-Webster Pocket Dictionary. It also plays mp3’s.

So to recap the weekend: Church, junk food, singing, prezzies, movies, eating, games and relaxation.

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  1. Ric The Schmuck says:

    Sounds like a good haul, and a nice upcoming week. I would kill for a week of work like that…

    I gots a few goodies, as well. (Plus I get to take advantage of some of the kiddies stuff, like their new Playstation 3!) As I’ve started a new hobby (like I need any more) I’m playing pool in a weekly league with a friend of mine. So naturally I’ve gotten into it quite a bit. As a result, I got some pool-playing accessories, like a pocket chalk-holder and some higher grade chalk than what they use in the pool halls. I also got Pool Hall Pro for the Wii, so I can play at home, somewhat! A new watch, some new clothes, yada yada.

    I’m happy that it’s all done for another year. This year it seemed to go rather quickly, moreso than usual. That is OK with me. Too much hustle and bustle, trying to get everything accomplished. Fa la la la laaaaaaa

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