When looking for links to the Internet fads yesterday, I realized that the Web is such a large place that something could be “huge” for years and there would still be people that haven’t seen it. I know that I’m always running into “new” things that have been around for a while.

For example, Jean-Michel has been taking a picture of himself every day at 9:09 and posting it at his web site, 09h09.com, since September 2002. It’s extreme Picture Yourself!

How appropriate, then, that yesterday’s entry is a picture with the Picture Yourself Queen on her honeymoon in Paris.

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2 Responses to 9:09

  1. Christine says:

    He has submitted many photos to Picture Yourself, so when it was decided that we were going to Paris, I knew we had to meet! I’m so glad we got to take a photo together!

    Who knows where we will go to next? Maybe someday I will get to take a photo with you? 😀

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