A Christmas Plea

I was yakking with Speaker on IM this morning (yes, I am on vacation, oh jealous ones) when he presented me with a Brilliant Idea: Why don’t we urge companies to add 1/12th of their annual bill to the other 11 months and not send us one in December?

It’s the most fricking brilliant idea I’ve ever heard! Sure my monthly power bill would go up by $15 or so, but what of it? It’s like when I let the government overwithhold taxes so I can get a huge refund instead of investing the extra someplace that will earn interest. A bad idea from a money management standpoint, sure, but am I really going to do anything other than spend it? No.

So, spread the word, people. We need to turn this into a movement for next year. Otherwise, what the hell are bloggers good for? Hmm?

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3 Responses to A Christmas Plea

  1. Alexia says:

    Actually, my car insurance company does that, though the “free” month is November instead of December. That’s fine with me, I can start shopping earlier 🙂

  2. Vicki says:

    I vote that they dispense with sending bills altogether and let me shop all year long 🙂

  3. theresa says:

    My bank lets me take a month off from my car loan payments in December. It sounded great at first, but then I read the fine print – you have to pay them a $25 processing fee in order to skip the payment.

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