A Different Kind of Sacrifice?

BREE – Sacrificing for the sake of the team is nothing new in baseball. In fact, the sac bunt and the sac fly are common plays. But, if the string of injured Cheese continues, team owner Sgt. Grump is thinking more literally. In this thread in the SGCBL Owners Forum, the leader of the Bree Cheese tosses out the possibility that someone may have put a curse on his team, and that the only way to lift it is to sacrifice a player.

“As far as I can see in the League Rules,” Grump said, “there is no prohibition against sacrificing a player to the injury gods in order to stop this plague of injuries to my key players.”

Scott Baron, owner of the Hops (himself a victim of an inexplicably poor start), agrees: “I was going to suggest sacrifices, too — Orebreaker would have been one when he was on the Hops.”

Other team owners were quick to deny the accusation of using illegal curses to win games.

Bywater: “I would like to strenuously deny any connection between Mr. Orebreakers injury and the fact that it occured in the second straight game where you beat my magnificent Bounders. Obviously if anyone was using magic during that match up it was not us!”

Lonely Mountain: “We’re a bunch of dwarves! Were you dealing with a team of those hapless elves, your accusation may be worth it’s weight in gold. Dwarves play fair and square. A dwarf would never seek to win a game by any means other than his mighty strength. Which is precisely what your sniveling team is afraid of.”

Wilderland: “How dare someone insinuate that we’ve been using curses. Go ahead and sacrifice people if you want, maybe it’ll work. By the way, I’m out of tooth of monkey. Could I borrow some?”

Meanwhile league officials are strongly discouraging the use of sacrifices as a means to breaking out of a slump. Commissioner Rasreth added, “We are investigating all charges. I want to make sure there’s no damned cursing in this league!”

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3 Responses to A Different Kind of Sacrifice?

  1. Ric The Schmuck says:

    Damned funny stuff. 🙂

  2. L.P.A.A. says:

    The Little People Association of American would like to thank Lonely Mountain for recognizing the supreme power of the shrimpy person. If we had gone unrecognized much longer we may have been forced to start kicking people in the knees.

  3. Scott says:


    Oh, I’m back.

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