A sensible “vacation”

This should be the last of these posts where I’m trying to get myself back in the habit of doing stuff. (Huzzah.) I’m sorry to be laying this on so thick, but it’s working for me to write down in public that I’ve got a new plan. (Plus, you don’t have to read it anyway, so nyah!)

I’m getting ready to head back to work after a week of self-motivation and mini-accomplishment. It may not seem like much, but after literally years of doing nothing of consequence outside of my paying job, getting more than one blog post in a week is massive. The fact that I cleared off the junk pile that used to be my studio, changed strings on both the Martin and the Les Paul, and spent an evening playing guitar and harmonica (in the living room! gasp!), bodes well for actually making some recordings.

On the geek front, I got my PC put together in a way that will keep me on track to get household chores and other non-video game things done…including a Windows 7 upgrade and putting Firefox 4 and its new “app tabs” feature together. I switched from KeePass to LastPass for my password management (no small feat, actually). And I got Remember the Milk hooked up to manage my to-do lists.

Plus, there’s a raft of little things (new gas tank for the grill, clearing branches, changing light bulbs, new toilet seats, light switch covers, etc., etc.). And I didn’t even have to give up watching TV or finishing Mass Effect 2 to do it!

I started exercising again, too.

Now we’ll see how much of this sticks now that I have to be someplace other than my own house five days a week…

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  1. Ric The Schmuck says:

    A week at home is often the best vacation, for me.

    Now if I can only get a fraction of your current self-motivation over here…

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