A Service of Hope

With all of the talk about the “best” way to remember September 11, I thought I would chip in my two pennies…

I am sorry I didn’t think of this earlier. I especially hope that anyone taking or giving grief to others over the 9-11 anniversary will see this in time.

Venita and I belong to a small (12-member) Presbyterian church choir. At Thanksgiving and Easter, our choir joins with other community church choirs for a program of celebration and thanks at the Forest Lake Seventh Day Adventist Church. It works out great, because they worship on Saturday, and the rest of the churches can have their regular services on Sunday.

This Saturday, we will come together in a special service of music and remembrance. We just got back from practice, and it will be exactly the “best” way to observe the anniversary of the tragedy…communities gathered together to reflect and to gather some hope that tomorrow will be better than today.

Normally, I wouldn’t even mention this. But I found out that their church streams special services over the Internet. So, whether it’s the 8:30am, 9:50am or 11:30am service (12:30, 13:50 and 15:30 GMT), you can go to http://www.forestlakechurch.org/worship/services.asp and click on one of their live feeds.

This is how I feel…how I cope…if it helps you, great. If not, don’t take this as preaching. You should also know that I am not a big fan of organized religion in-general. I find selling God like some new floor wax as horrible as the hucksters trying to make a buck off the 9-11 tragedy or the morons using it to stage protests against illegal immigrants.

Maybe this service will do something for you. I hope it will at least be a decent concert, if nothing else.

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