Advanced Thumb Twiddling 101

I’m still here. I haven’t expired. I just kinda wrote myself out with that whole vacation story and toe mashing incident. I don’t know what else to write other than my usual obnoxious comments scattered thither and yon throughout the blogosphere like little breadcrumbs of Solonor stuff. Um… yeah.

While you’re waiting for me to think up something to say (on the edge of your seat no doubt), why don’t you do something productive? Read a book. Mow your lawn. Clean out the crap that’s accumulated in the gutter above the front door. Oh… wait… that’s my to-do list. Never mind.

Let’s see. What’s happening around Chez Rasreth…

The kids are starting back to school on Monday. I’m still not used to how it starts so early down here. Pepperkat starts high school, and Whiny the Elder is now a senior! E. Gary Gygax, when did that happen?

For those interested in my musical exploits, I will be getting the recording gear set back up again (it was torn down for the yard sale last month, and I never put it back together). Expect a complete CD of songs any day now. Yep. Any day…

Boringest. Post. Ever.

Have a great weekend, blog monkeys.

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