Ah!! My Eyes!

Sorry for anyone that’s tried to view my site for the the past little while. I’ve been messing with the fonts and positioning to try to make sure the whole mess looks reasonably good no matter what text size or resolution you choose. I think I finally got it. Let me know if it looks funky on your screen (boy, does THAT open me up for it…)

UPDATE: One thing that bugs me is a problem with the “Show Me More!” expandable post thingy. If I use it, and there is a link within the extended text, and someone clicks the link, when they return, the browser returns to the exact spot on the page, but the article is collapsed. This leads to much puzzled looks and frustrated readers.

I tried looking to see how other people get around this, but so far the only options I have seen are: 1. Don’t use it; 2. Don’t put links in extended text; 3. Open a new browser window for all links. I don’t like any of those answers.

If anyone knows how to fix this problem, please let me know! Danke.

Update Update: I took away the expanding entries toy, until such time as some MT mage figures out the above issue.

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2 Responses to Ah!! My Eyes!

  1. Sekimori says:

    Your only other option is to go back to the MT default way of displaying Extended Entry…the link goes to the Individual Archive page.

  2. Solonor says:

    Crap. That’s what I thought you’d say. Ah well…c’est la vie… Thanks!

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