And for what it’s worth…

Even when your teeth fall out
Even when you cannot see
Even when you have to shout
To hear the crazy shit you say to me

I’ll Be With You.mp3

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3 Responses to And for what it’s worth…

  1. brandelion says:

    d’ya know what’s the greatest thing ever? i can listen to your music LIVE from your website now that i have cable! 😀 it’s so spiffy! better than spiffy–the experience is zen.

    i’m listening to Things You Wish Yourself, now. (a song of much emotional attachment for me–i’m glad you decided to do it.)

    yay. 🙂

  2. brandelion says:

    also: Roo’s new favorite song is “Robots Never Cry”

    she requests it DAILY and wants to put it on her website. ohhh lordy…

  3. Babs says:

    Did you ever do anything with those lyrics I sent you?

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