And I’m STILL choked up!

We went to see Young at Heart last night. If this documentary about the Young at Heart Chorus comes to your town, you must see it. I command it.

I saw the trailer at the Florida Film Festival and thought it was just going to be funny watching old people do Ramones and Talking Heads songs. (‘cuz laughing at old people is, like, awesome and stuff) What I found was a funny and beautiful film about friendship, desire, perseverance, and life. It had me rolling with laughter one minute and forcing back tears the next.

I’ve included a clip of one of the high points of the movie. In fact, as one YouTube commenter put it, I think it will wind up being one of the best scenes on film in 2008. I’d recommend not watching it without seeing the movie first. Knowing what came just before this song just puts it over the top in the heartstrings-pulling department. But even without its context, it’s so achingly beautiful that I forgive Coldplay for sucking so much.

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  1. domino says:

    I’ve seen this movie has been getting great reviews.

    On the subject of tearjerkers, we rented “Into the Wild” the last weekend. Wow…bring the tissues.

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