And so it goes another day…

Yankees win the East (barely, but considering the train wreck they were for most of the year…)

So, now, the Sox chances look pretty good. Even if they lose tomorrow, Cleveland must win just for a one-game playoff in Fenway.

Piece o’ cake! We all know how great the Red Sox do in one-game playoffs in Fenway…

OCTOBER 4, 1948: Cleveland Indians 8, Boston Red Sox 3 at Fenway Park
OCTOBER 2, 1978: New York Yankees 5, Boston Red Sox 4 at Fenway Park

My stomach hurts.

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2 Responses to And so it goes another day…

  1. Ric The Schmuck says:

    Hey, relax chum.

    Tomorrows game will not be carried by Fox, so the evil influence of Tim McCarver (aka The AntiChrist) will not be heard.

    It’ll be OK. I think.

  2. shelley says:

    Hope your tum-tum’s feeling better, Solly, now that the Sox have secured the Wild Card slot! They never do make it easy for us, do they?

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