And the horse you rode in on!

The Infinite Teen Slang Dictionary

Yo, I’m all about the memes today. Word.

[ Horked (don’t look that one up) from the Picklejuice and her Natalicious (look that one up) blog. ]

n. a collective or quantitative noun for alco-pops.
“My man, that’s a whole blog of alco-pops!”
Yeah, that’s about right.

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13 Responses to And the horse you rode in on!

  1. tj says:

    n. an old-school term for buttocks.
    “What’s with the tj, homie?”

    so, kiss my tj.

  2. Annessa says:

    adj. crude but not sexy.
    “Someone dosed her drink and now she’s annessa.”

    I’m not sexy! *cries* TJ gets the cool one, that’s not fair.

    I want a new name.

  3. Solonor says:

    Well, how about just ‘nessa’, then?

    n. someone who has a different person every week.
    “Want me to have sex with that nessa, Jesse?”

  4. 'Nessa says:

    Wait, is that good?

  5. Busy Mom says:

    Busy Mom -“to be in a sexual relationship” hmm…

  6. Ric The Schmuck says:

    Ric the Schmuck
    v. (vulgar) to shout at someone.
    “We should Ric the Schmuck, bud.”

    probably better than the actual translation of schmuck, I guess 🙂

  7. kat says:

    n. an enviable piercing.
    “That kat is so enviable!”
    bwahahahaha! oh man. 😀

  8. Psycho Dad says:

    psycho dad
    n. someone who flaunts gold.
    “Jesse, check out that psycho dad’s gold!”

    Hmmm… That would have come in useful when I wasn’t married. Would have made being a male Nessa quite a bit easier. 🙂

  9. etherian says:

    n. a sexy knife.
    “Check out her etherian – let’s dance with it!”


  10. Sunidesus says:

    n. a miserable or high-quality burger.
    “Jackie! Gimme a sunidesus!”

    Heh, that’s goofy.

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