And Toto was there… and Auntie Em…

Whoa. I had this really freaky dream last night.

The Red Sox beat the Yankees in the ALCS after being down 3 games to none! Isn’t that wild?

I really gotta lay off the booze…

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3 Responses to And Toto was there… and Auntie Em…

  1. jr says:

    No more freaky that me using Solly as my primary news source for baseball scores.

    Hmmm wonder if the Red Sox actually pulled it off. I know I go check in with Solonor’s Groovy Grove and Unbiased Sports Page

  2. jcwinnie says:

    Yep, noone is accusing Solly of being a member of the reality-based community, that is for sure. In this dream, was Hunter Thompson the empire, I meant, umpire, Solly?

  3. Tracy says:

    I had a dream that a guy who looked suspiciously like Jesus hit a grandslam in game 7 and thereby clenched the win for Boston. I refuse to wake up!

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