Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

A little late with Solonor’s Aortal Site of the Week. Sorry about that. At least you know I’ll find you someone who is not only worthy of your *heart* but goofy to boot. Just such a piece of work is the 80’s-obsessed Fry Cook On Venus.

Toss together William, Magic15Ball and SwearingGirl; mix in a little Matrix Reloaded, and you’ve got a winner. And for those of you who doubt the universal energy that flows through the blogiverse, we both mentioned Schneider within a week of each other. How’s that for kharma! (I’ll just steer clear of the B.J. and the Bear reference, thank you very much.)

Smores baby!

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2 Responses to Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

  1. We rock!!!

    Looks like we’re doing something right! Solonor has honored us with the title of “Solonor’s Aortal Site of the Week.”!!!

  2. William says:

    This rocks! I can’t tell you how excited I am!! Kickass!!!!!!!!!

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