Also been gettin’ some hits from someplace called -=oO[AsciiRock]Oo=-. Took a look, and it’s kinda freaky geeky cool.

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6 Responses to asciirock

  1. gnome-girl says:

    I get hits from them too I’m as cool as you baby 😉

  2. *sniff* I never get hit by freaky geeks with rocks…

    I feel so left out

  3. Kim says:

    I’ve been getting hits from there, too. I haven’t been able to figure it out.

  4. Scott says:

    I’ve walked through the site, myself — I can never find how they link things, though.

  5. wSpacebran says:

    you beat me to it, wBaby. i get hits from them, too. er, weird? can’t figger out why. interesting site.

    alas. here i thought i was all cool and ascii-rockin.

  6. Chas. says:

    OMG is there *nobody* in existence I haven’t spammed with my crap!

    You’re all getting links because, sadly, I don’t read instructions.

    I’m very sorry, but the hits are from my offline browser. I will be available for public flogging 9 to 4:30 weekdays.

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