Author! Author!

What’s this? Television producers ruin a perfectly good story because they don’t understand it? Bah! Never happens. What does Ursula K. LeGuin know anyway? She’s only the stupid author.

A Whitewashed Earthsea: How the SciFi Channel wrecked my books

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3 Responses to Author! Author!

  1. elfchick says:

    she blasted it on the content as well on her personal site the other day. I think I have to buy everyone her books for Christmas this year 🙂

  2. Somewhat says:

    Great link, Solly, thanks.

  3. bran says:

    i almost missed this post! glad i decided to double-back in dedicated stalker fashion to re-read your excellent loaves of wit and add comment–wow, this is so great. i love le Guin (surprised aren’t ya?) but what’s really great about it is that an author has very publicly defended her books against the slaughter that occurs to popular fiction via teevee/movies. this is great! i applaud her. i cheer her. i didn’t see this garbage on Sci-Fi, but i’m not really a fan of that channel anyway and rarely tune in–i guess it just reaffirms my distaste for the homogenity that is ‘Sci-Fi’.

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