Avast, Ye Swabs!

It be ‘Talk Like a Pirate Day‘ upon the briney deep o’ the Internet. Here’s hoping you all have a fine day o’ pillagin’, plunderin’, and rum-swillin’. Arrrr.

And don’t be makin’ the same mistake as me, lads and lasses. For me crew almost strung me up on the yardarm when I started jabberin’ about balls and strikes. I thought it was ‘Talk Like a Pirate Day’…

Shiver me timbers! Arrrrrr!

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2 Responses to Avast, Ye Swabs!

  1. Lambchop says:

    Well, no pirate-type linguistics passed by these lips, but I did do a shot of Captain Morgan – does that count as “pirate-y”?

  2. Promo says:

    Did you hear the Pirate Rap song? I have it linked on my site – it is a riot.

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