Aziz is right!

Dude. Tiger hand always beats paper. Everybody knows that. DUH.

Rock, Paper, Saddam!

[ via Twisted Spinster ]

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7 Responses to Aziz is right!

  1. theresa says:

    hahahahahahahahahaha funniest thing i’ve seen EVER!

  2. -=e=- says:

    I saw that today on Reverend Mykeru’s Message board. I totally lost it with the “Pen Missle”. Saddam doesn’t go out much anymore, does he?

  3. -=e=- says:

    I meant “Pen Missile”. Don’t want you to think I’m illiturit or nothing.

  4. Ric The Schmuck says:

    That is funny stuff.

  5. picklejuice says:

    I’m sayin’, bro!

  6. Rock, Paper, Saddam!

    Click here and enjoy a re-interpretation of Saddam in court the other day. Via Solly….

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