Barry me not

I know it’s like complaining that there’s going to be snow in Maine (well duh), but how bad is it that we already have the second named tropical storm on the first day of hurricane season? At least we’re finally getting some rain to put out all those fires.

I’m getting bored with Florida. Not bored enough to go back and endure 9 months of winter and 3 months of bad skiing, but still…

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7 Responses to Barry me not

  1. Sherri says:

    Don’t worry. If one of those storms hits near by, things will rapidly get UNBoring.

    Oh, and you’ve heard all about that Harry Potter Theme park in Universal, right?

  2. Brian says:

    You know, there are destinations in between Florida and Maine.

  3. Ric the Schmuck says:

    Nope. He has to come home, bad skiing and all. (I don’t remember hearing about you skiing before, hmmmm)

    And it ain’t 9 months of winter, it’s 6. You forgot mud season.

  4. brandelion says:

    Flagstaff is GAHgeous just about all year… 😛

  5. *cough*Atlanta*cough*…

    dragon con and Silver Scream Spookshow…what else do you need??

  6. geeky says:

    Ditto what Brian said. There are a few states between FL and ME. Come to VA – you’ll get long, cold winters AND all the tropical storm/hurricane leftovers you can handle!

  7. cassie-b says:

    Florida does get a bit too hot in the summer. But I’d take that over snow storms.


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