Behold the power of coffee!

Yes, as Ric the Schmuck indicated in the comments, we do know the power of coffee (grey or otherwise). So, despite last night’s shenanigans, we’re all up… well, Mrs. R is up because she has to work, and Whiny the Elder is up because he’s got guests coming over and needs to make a token pass through the pig sty loverly abode to pick up trash. Of the remaining Rasreth’s, 50-percent of those who don’t actually have to be conscious are not.

I uploaded some pictures to Solonor’s Photoblog. Unfortunately, these are just the ones that I took. I am not great at it in the best of circumstances, but a bazillion folks rubbing elbows with you makes for some blurry shots. Hopefully, I’ll get the ones that the store manager and other folks took, soon.

Harry Potter Night 001.jpg
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5 Responses to Behold the power of coffee!

  1. Ric The Schmuck says:

    Nice stuff.

    ‘Kat and Mrs.R sure do look the part, which of course is not surprising.


    You couldn’t find anyone to give the camera to so that we could see YOU, chummy?

    Sure looks like fun. I bet you all had a fine time, exhausting as it musta been.

  2. Solonor says:

    The only pic they took of me with that camera came out all blurry. I’m sure there were plenty of others.

  3. Linkmeister says:

    I have some pics of the crowd at my local Borders Express just as the store began selling copies. I thought I should attend, it being a cultural phenomenon and all.

  4. Ric The Schmuck says:

    Are you sure the picture came out blurry, or you just hadn’t had enough coffee yet? 🙂

    My son got his copy this morning, reserved for him at Wally World… He asked if they were going to be open at midnight last night, but sadly (ha!) they weren’t playing along. He has it now, so all is well.

  5. Snowgirl says:

    Hey great pics! I wasn’t up to doing the midnight thing this year. I got the book at 10:00 am started reading it at 12:00 and finished it at 1:00 today. Awesome adventure – no longer appropriate for 9 year olds, though. Wait till you hear who dies! It made me cry but not as much as #5. I want to see pictures of you – blurry or not!

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