Beware of Flying Geeks

It’s been over a year since our last planet-shaking meeting, but try as they might, the forces for goodness and decency cannot prevent such cataclysmic episodes from taking place. It’s like a pressure cooker of geekness that needs to be released, lest the built-up energy explode like a 12-die fireball from a wizard named Daryl, leaving globs of bloody NPC residue all over the walls of your mother’s basement.

Yes, friends, The Mighty Geek is returning to the Land of the Mouse, and we will be there to greet him.

This time we’re bringing reinforcements.

Our sarcastateens were busy last time. So, the Mrs and I took on the Mighty Geek with just the two of us. We barely held our own. This time, he’ll have to contend with four tea-crazed wombats who don’t get out much. We expect to see him cry before the night is out.

So, if you’re out-and-about in Orlando Tuesday night (and can think of someplace cool to eat, ‘cuz I got nothin’), join us, won’t you? What’s the worst that could happen?

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2 Responses to Beware of Flying Geeks

  1. Sunidesus says:

    *wishes she lived in Orlando*

  2. jadedju says:

    What I wouldn’t give for a ringside seat.

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